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I am really really enjoying the rise of the Indian tapas style restaurants in Glasgow at the moment. It feels like they are popping up all over the place, and since I am a big fan of grazing/sharing food I am all for it….Oh Heck! Who am I kidding? I’m just a big fan of all delicious food generally – I just especially enjoy sharing dishes.

So I was super excited when I discovered that Edinburgh favourite Tuk Tuk was venturing west and opening up in Glasgow. Since it opened it’s door earlier this year I have ordered home delivery from here quite a few times, and always seriously enjoyed it. But it wasn’t until last week I found myself sitting in the restaurant with MrG and our buddy Sarah, chowing down on some mighty fine Indian street food scran.

Interior- Tuk Tuk July 2017Mural- Tuk Tuk July 2017

Located on the super busy and bustling Sauchiehall Street, Tuk Tuk is nestled into a large bright airy unit right slap bang in the middle of it all. The vibe in this funky restaurant is casual, and is super fun to spend time in. The whole time I was aware of my eyes darting all over the place noticing cool little touches – the huge retro colourful murals on the wall, the vintage truck that acts as a reception desk, and the old TVs, lanterns and radios dotted all over the place giving it a lively tongue-in-cheek atmosphere.

Details- Tuk Tuk July 2017

The staff were friendly and pretty helpful, when we asked for some advice they were happy to describe the dishes and give a good indication of how hot they would be. And when we were shown to our table it had tiny little stools (which I HATE with a passion) I asked the waitress if we could have a real chair, immediate she switched the ridiculous stool out for a more comfortable chair – woohoo…my back was saved!

Menu- Tuk Tuk July 2017

As I said this is a small plates sharing tapas menu, and true to form we ordered quite a lot…some of which in truth I can’t even remember. So I am going to give you my edited highlights. I would point out tho that there wasn’t one bad dish, sure some dishes weren’t to my personal taste ( or heat preference – I didn’t even try the vindaloo! ) but on the whole the standard of food is really good.

Butter Chicken- Tuk Tuk July 2017

Top of the tree on my list of favs was 100% definitely the Butter Chicken…Holy Freaking Moly it is incredible! Whenever we order home delivery from Tuk Tuk this is always on our order, but there is nothing quite like getting it fresh from the kitchen. It was creamy, slightly aromatic and gloriously buttery, the large pieces of chicken breast were moist and juicy, and the sauce was silky smooth. For me this is as good as butter chicken gets. Total winner!

Kebabs- Tuk Tuk July 2017

I also loved the Gilafi Kebabs, which is skewered lamb mince slowly cooked in the tandoor. The kebabs were utterly delicious – they were charred nicely, the lamb was moist and it had just enough heat that it had me reaching for the water, but not enough that it made me feel uncomfortable. ( sidenote: I don’t handle heat too well, so they probably weren’t that hot in all honesty 😛 ) I virtually finished this whole portion myself.

Chicken- Tuk Tuk July 2017

Talking about finishing whole potions myself – the chicken 69 I mostly polished off solo. If you can get past the odd name, the Chicken 69 is described as an Indo-Chinese delicacy. Now I have to be honest I have no clue what an Indo-Chinese delicacy would really taste like, but in reality these are just tasty spiced chicken strips. Nowt wrong with that in my opinion, I love a good chicken strip. This particular version was coated in a crisp nicely spiced, but not hot batter, and the chicken was tender. A classic simple delicious snack.

Bombs- Tuk Tuk July 2017

Oh wait, I did think of one dish that I wasn’t crazy about – the Puri Yoghurt Bombs. I had heard a few people raving about these so I was keen to try them. They are described as fried puri crisp, yoghurt, tamarind, chickpea and mint….I have to be honest I didn’t really get it. They are basically round crisps filled with yoghurt and quite a spicy chutney style filling. I found the textures odd together, and the flavours just didn’t work for me as a combo. Like I said a few people recommended them to me but all three of us found them pretty meh!

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetNaan- Tuk Tuk July 2017Fries - Tuk tuk july 2017

As I said we ordered heaps of food to try including a mixed grill, chilli paneer, the Platform 5 Vindaloo, naans, rice, masala chips – all of which we very much enjoyed and would happily order again.

Mint- Tuk Tuk July 2017

Even after chowing down on this total banquet obvs we were still able to squeeze in a little desert action. And I very much enjoyed sampling their cheesecake of the day, which was a rather cheeky little mint choc chip number.

It had a nice crisp biscuit base, a good thick layer of smooth luscious mint cheesecake flecked with little pieces of dark chocolate, and was topped with a glossy gooey layer of dark chocolate ganache. And surprisingly not heavy in the slightest…which is just as well or I never would have been able to eat it, I was SO full!

Bill - Tuk Tuk July 2017

Price wise, we were £79.75 for three of us. Which wasn’t cheap but wasn’t an unfair price for the volume and quality of food. I should mention that they don’t have a booze licence, so other than £7.50 for three soft drinks the bill is all food, that aside £72.25 for a  good two course meal for three people I thought was still pretty reasonable.

All in I thoroughly enjoyed my first sit in experience at Tuk Tuk, the food is interesting and creative and I would rate the quality really highly. This is definitely a new Geek top pick…and possibly my favourite Indian in Glasgow at the moment!

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