Partick Duck Club

I am a planner, I always have been.

If there is something to be organised I always want to be right in the mix, making lists, researching restaurants, organising times. It’s a control thing…. Not that I want to control other people, I just like to be in control of the situation that I am in.

However, it always seems that the meals I often enjoy the most happen off the cuff, we just get in the car and go ‘right where are we going?’

Which is exactly what happened last week. My crew had returned from Malta at 2am, and while my foolishly dedicated buds Rocco and Trudie had decided to go into work my boi and co-head of group events and organisation, Austen had wisely taken the day off. So I asked Aus randomly if he fancied a cheeky Tuesday lunch, he did, and so times were arranged but our lunch venue was left undecided.

As I was walking out the door to meet him I had an inspired thought – Partick Duck Club! We had spoken about it often but as of yet hadn’t been. It was a random off the cuff thought which would prove to be delicious.

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Located in Partick (obviously) Partick Duck Club might just be the perfect casual lunch venue – the cool on trendy grey colour scheme with hints of sea blue tartan are welcoming and soothing, there are funky industrial style lights, lots of my much loved natural light and a funky Partick Duck Club sign. It is everything I want from a brilliant lunch destination. I found it comfortable and enjoyable space to spend time in, I liked it very much!

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Staff wise, they were on the whole great. Attentive and friendly when we asked questions and quick to bring drinks and take our order. I will say it seemed to take quite a while for our mains to arrive, it wasn’t a big deal at the time because we were too busy chatting and enjoying the bantz, but as always I think these things are worth a wee mention.

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Menu wise I thought the dishes sounded creative and tempting. I would describe it as modern gastro cafe style food, and think I genuinely could have happily eaten every single dish.

As you would expect for a place called the Partick Duck Club, duck does indeed star quite a bit on the menu, and given that it is one of my favourite meats when it is cooked right I thought I better give one of their offerings a bash.

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I eventually settled on a Duck Club Bun full of shredded sesame duck leg, with honey soy and ginger dressing. I can’t lie I was a wee bit concerned that that duck might be fatty, as it often can be, but thankfully my fears were unfounded. I was delivered a huge fluffy brioche bun packed full of totally fat free shredded duck. The generous portion of duck was just the right balance of sweet from the honey, tart from the soy, and a healthy kick of gamey flavour from the duck. Have to be honest I never really found the ginger, which is fine cause I’m not a massive fan anyway.

Because I didn’t want ‘slaw on the bun they gave me a little dish of pineapple chutney on the side to add if I fancied it. It was a fantastic addition! Every time I bite into a small piece of pineapple my taste buds were flooded with a refreshing tangy sweetness which cut through the strong duck flavour. It was an excellent idea and definitely something I would ask for again.

MrG, Austen and I also decided to get some duck fat chips to share.  In fact it was the first thing we all saw and agreed on before we even picked out our mains. I only need two words to describe these bad boys – WOAW MAMA!

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I say I only need 2 words but naturally I’m going to use more because these little beauties were the business. We opted for  2 different types – bomber cheese & bearnaise, and duck club honey mustard mayo with crispy bacon and spring onions.

And while we all enjoyed the bacon ones it was really the bomber cheese and bearnaise that had us dangerously close to going full out When Harry Met Sally Foodgasm style. It turns out that tangy cheese and creamy bearnaise are truly a pairing crafted in heaven by those wickedly clever food gods. This was topping good sized golden strips of potato which were gloriously crunchy and fatty on the outside, and light and fluffy on the inside….. if I could marry a food these chips might be a contender. Great meal!

Naturally before I ordered my main I took a wee peek at the dessert menu and had already decided that dessert was absolutely a go-er.  And while I could have eaten any of the desserts on the menu there was one which really piqued my interest – a deep fried cinnamon ice cream bun!

Having no clue at all what to expect from this I waited with eager and slightest nervous anticipation of what might be placed before me. Once again though the chef’s at the Duck Club proved my fears to be utterly baseless, because this might be the dessert to end all desserts for me!

So let me try to set the scene – a hot, buttery, crisp, flaky croissant style textured bun lightly scented with warming cinnamon spice, which was split in two and sandwiched around a big melty scoop of lush vanilla ice cream. Genuinely one of the best desserts ever, so good infact that I was still thinking about it days later. Even now looking at the picture it makes my mouth water. For me it was a perfect cosy autumnal day dessert, and it left me feeling utterly content and happy with the world. Ahhhhh bliss!

Price wise we were a very respectable £74.55 for three of us to have a very generous 2 course meal and some drinks. I thought it was a very fair price for the meal we enjoyed, I have zero issue with the cost.

I loved my first visit to Partick Duck Club, it is a fantastically delicious addition to the Glasgow food scene.  The three of us have been raving about it all week to Trudie and Rocco who foolishly went to work that day.  I guess that just means we will have to go back again soon to take them. Shucks it’s a hard life…….but someone’s gotta do it!

Glasgow Food Geek Review Partick Duck Club Sept 2017

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