Best Food Lovers Advent Calendars 2017

Ho Ho Ho…Happy Holidays!!!! I know! I know…I am so faux American sometimes, but it still just feels a wee bit early to be saying Merry Christmas, even tho I have been in the festive mood since about July!

So I have something a wee bit different for you guys today…I want to talk about Advent Calendars, specifically the Best Food Lovers Advent Calendars of 2017.

Don’t you just love advent calendars? I know I do – what’s not to love about being gifted a little delicious piece of chocolate every day for a month.

But here is the thing, it’s not just chocolate anymore. You name it, you can get it  – food, make up, jewellery, candles, tea, even BOOOOOOZZZZEEEE. You can find all sorts of goodies in advent form. And as the good food blogger that I am, I felt it was my responsibility to find the most delicious mouth-watering food advents calendars of the year to show you guys.

So what doors will I be throwing open throughout the month of December you ask?

Hotel Chocolat Truffles for Two

Best Food Lovers Advent Calendars 2017

For me every year it has to be Hotel Chocolat. I absolutely adore their truffles for two advent, this being the second year in a row where I have gotten one because for £26 I think it is worth every penny! Every day you are treated to two perfectly formed truffles to share ( or eat yourself if you are like me) the truffles come in a selection of flavours – Gingerbread Praline, Madagascan Vanilla, Raspberry Rush and my personal fav Salted Caramel Cream.

Best Food Lovers Advent Calendars 2017

I also need to confess I bought another advent from HC this year too. I couldn’t resist their Grand Advent Calendar, which is a whopping £68 but is packed with too many deliciously tempting treats to ignore. Salted caramel vodka, crackers filled with pralines, a hazelnut bûche and their irresistible new treacle tart chocs …oh God! I can not wait to crack into both of these advents next month.

Snaffle Pig Co. Pork Crackling Advent Calendar

Best Food Lovers Advent Calendars 2017
Best Food Lovers Advent Calendars 2017

Looking for something a little bit more crazy? How about an advent dedicated to all things pork crackling? Yeah, that’s right I said PORK CRACKLING!!! And that is exactly what those crazy kids at the Snaffling Pig Co. have created. For just £17.50 you will get 24 dazzling doors, and behind each one is a little bag of their crispy crunch teats in 6 different flavours including: Pigs In Blankets, Low & Slow BBQ, Maple and Salt & Vinegar. Amazing right?

Eden Mill 12 days of Christmas

Eden Mill 12 Gins of Christmas - Best Food Advents Calendars 2017

Now if like me you like to indulge throughout the whole month of December, then this tasty tempting offering from those naughty little gin elves at Eden Mill might be just up your street. As has become the norm with a lot of advents recently rather than 24 doors Eden Mill are offering a 12 Gins of Christmas. Which is just as well really given that behind each door is a 5cl serving of delicious gin.  If there was 24 doors I doubt I would remember much about the festive season.

There is a great range of festive inducing flavours including Mulled Gin, Orange and Clove Gin and After Dinner Gin to get you in the christmas spirit. At £69 it is certainly expensive but the packaging and the gin are both lush so I think it is worth splashing out on yourself a little this holiday season.

Marks & Spencers Salted Caramel

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

As soon as I saw the words Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate advent calendar M&S has me won over. How could anyone resist these pretty little golden dusted dark chocolate truffles filled with a smooth sweet salted caramel.

I have to be honest there is every chance that these chocolate may not live long enough to see December they are just so good. But since it is a bargain £10 it’s cheap enough that if I eat these 24 before advent starts I can just buy another. 🙂  Oh who am I kidding of course I am going to have to buying another one!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Best Food Lovers Advent Calendars 2017
Best Food Lovers Advent Calendars 2017

The last advent I’ve purchased for 2017 is the glorious Reese’s peanut butter cup advent. Which has proved outrageously difficult to get hold of. But in my opinion worth the effort because I LOVE reese’s PB cups. I am not really sure what the price for this advent actually is because you can find it in various well known shops and websites for everything from £5 at B&M to £25. Personally I paid £15 and bought it via amazon. I feel like starting my day with a reese’s peanut butter cup may be my favourite thing next month.

Glasgow Food Geek Advent Giveaway 2017 – COMING SOON!!!


I am also super excited to announce that this year I will also be doing my GFG Advent Giveaway Competition….woohoo! I had so much fun last year giving away 24 incredible Glasgow foodie treats, and this year I am so excited to let you know that it is even bigger and better. I have very much taken the approach this year of go big or go home, and have so many freaking AWESOME prizes to be won. So keep your eyes peeled on my Twitter and Facebook account from the 1-24th of December for insanely amazing daily food prizes to be won.

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