5 Best Glasgow Restaurants for Valentines 2018

What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day?

Mine varies and changes constantly – sometimes I think it’s nice to have a day dedicated to the one you love, other times I think it’s sad that love is commercialised in such an obvious way. What can I say I am a fickle and complicate person HaHa!

But one thing I am certain of is that I never turn down a chance for a meal out, and while I do confess it is rare for MrG and I to have a date night on Valentine’s we usually try to go out for something to eat around about the 14th…. Mostly because I’ve seen a menu I quite like the look of.

With that in mind I’ve picked out a few of my favourite restaurants to check out around about valentines….. And regardless whither you take your boo, your fav galentine babe, or it’s all about hanging with your top bros these restaurants will ensure you get a great meal.

Tuk Tuk

Who doesn’t love a little Bollywood Romance??  Which that is exactly what’s on offer at Tuk Tuk this valentine’s Day. For £19.95 per person, their Bollywood Romance menu include 2 starters, 3 curries to share from a set menu, rice & naan,and a dessert of the day with two spoons. The real question is who do you love enough to share a dessert with? I would have to ponder whither I would share a dessert with MrG ( I know I can say that because he would say exactly the same thing 😛 )

I eat at tuk tuk all the time and always think their food is excellent, so if you fancy something a bit more casual but still utterly delicious Tuk Tuk for me is a great choice.

Glasgow Best Valentines Restaurants 2018
Glasgow Best Valentines Restaurants 2018


Want to get dressed up and wine and dine your Valentine? Then what about checking out Alston, which is a big favourite of mine all year round.  I really like their regular menu, and think the food here is fantastic…..so they are a natural pick for this list for me.

But the lush food isn’t the only reason why I think these guys are a great pick for celebrating with your love.  The moody ambiance is perfect for v-day – the sexy low-lit underground vibe is as much of a reason they are in my top 5 as their wickedly awesome steaks.

As far as I am concerned Alston is always a good idea, I would think this place is going to be stowed-out on Valentine’s day so be sure to book in advance before trotting down there in your gladrags.

Glasgow Best Valentines Restaurants 2018

Partick Duck Club

Wanna do something totally off the grid and low key, then Partick Duck Club are here to offer you that by doing absolutely nothing! Well when I say nothing what I mean is that there won’t be a wilted rose or warm glass of fizz in sight. Instead they will offer you their regular, always amazing menu and freakishly delicious food.

This is my favourite way to dine – brilliant venue, excellent service, cosy lovely atmosphere, great interesting menu and wonderful food…I am all into this for Valentines day.

Glasgow Best Valentines Restaurants 2018

Spanish Butcher

If you fancy pushing the boat out and spending the evening in one of the cities more stylish restaurants then I would highly recommend a booking at Spanish Butcher…I say booking because almost certainly if you want to dine here on the 14th of Feb you are going to need a reservation.

Alongside their already fabulous Galician inspired menu they will be offering a sharing menu from the 13th-15th of Feb. Now at £46 per person it is on the pricey side but I think this sharing menu sounds really lovely, and it does included the option of a chateaubriand, which has been dry aged for 35 days (DROOOLLLLL!) so the emphasis is very much on a lush decadent meal, and if you can’t spoil yourself and your favourite person for Valentines when can you?

Glasgow Best Valentines Restaurants 2018

Loop & Scoop

Who says Valentines day has to be all about a three course meal….I know when MrG suggests popping into Loop & Scoop for some churros and Ice cream I certainly couldn’t love him more.

And Glasgow’s very own dough loving willy wonka’s at Loop & Scoop have created a  Valentines limited edition loop that is seriously floating my boat. 

Their Double The Love, at £5.95 which is available from the 12-18th Feb includes two mini loops smothered in white chocolate and crispy heart sugar sprinkles, accompanied with the gelato of your choice from their range of wickedly tempting flavours. Seriously……what is not to love about this.

Loop & Scoop Valentines 2018

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