Carry Out, Carry On!

How do you feel about Takeaways?

If you are anything at all like me you will find the most stressful part of moving house not the packing, or moving your sky package (although we can all agree that is a goddamn nightmare) No, the most stressful part for me is finding new takeaways…it can take you weeks, if not months to find good reliable places from which to get your Friday night treat.

And I find that even though I am happy to go out and try new restaurants, when it comes to takeaway once I find a good – Chinese, Indian, Pizza, Chippie I stick with them. For example I love Home Wok Chinese on Byres Road, so much so that I can’t even remember the last time I ordered a chinese from anywhere but them.

Anyway Mr G has been on at me for quite a while that I should do more takeaways on the blog. We chatted about it a bit in December, saying that January would be a great month to cover loads of takeaways since everyone just wants to stay home after Christmas. But somehow the month got away from me, and all of a sudden here we are already at the end of March.

Take away, Carry out, carry on

So I have decided that the whole month of April is going to be dedicated to the wonderful world of Carry Outs….or as I like to thinking of it…….April is going to be officially dubbed The Glasgow Food Geeks Carry Out, Carry On! (Yes MrG helped with the title too a little)

I am going to aim for a minimum of 2 posts per week – I have a few places in mind, but sometimes I will just jump in the car and go looking for somewhere random, which means I expect to find some fantastic new places but maybe a few howlers too…but such is life.

I hope you enjoy my Carry out, Carry On! And who knows I might be able to introduce you, and myself to a few great hidden gems.