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Welcome to my second Carry Out, Carry On! Takeaway review.

When picking a destination for my second review I didn’t know where I wanted to go, but I did know that I would be ordering it via JustEats.  You see over the Easter Weekend they sent me a 25% off code that has to be used by Monday evening, and that is just too good an offer for me to ignore….I love a bargain!

Thankfully they have a nice selection of takeaways & restaurants that will deliver to me, so picking somewhere wasn’t too difficult.


On Saturday, I was in the mood for something kebab-ish/grilled meat style, so I found myself drawn to Persian restaurant Paradise on Great Western Road. I have eaten in this restaurant once before a year or two ago and really enjoyed it, so I was keen to give their take-out a try.

As always I hummed and hawed over the menu for aaaaages, I always get so worried I am going to order wrong. But their selection of Kebabs, Traditional Stews and Slow Cooked dishes sounded amazing and utterly delicious so I was really spoilt for choice. And that’s before you add all the tempting starters like Dolmeh and Mezah platters into the mix too. I honestly wanted to order everything.

Eventually I settled on the Mixed Kebab for 4 at £56. I was going to order the Mixed kebab for 2, for three of us to share but I was unsure about portion size. And given that I had my 25% off I decided to err on the side of caution and go large.

We were given a 1hr 10 min delivery time, which on a Saturday night I thought wasn’t too bad. However we got a pleasant surprise when in appeared after just 45 minutes….excellent service. I would always rather a restaurant overestimates a deliver than underestimate.

Paradise Takeaway Glasgow 2018

The packaging was great – the kebabs came displayed in a platter which was lovely. I think the biggest drawback with a takeaway can sometimes be how unappealing it looks in plastic boxes, so I thought this nice display made the food instantly appealing. The only downside I would say is that the nan didn’t travel well at all…it clearly has to be eaten at the time because it was cold and super brittle, as soon as I touched it it basically shattered into dust in my hand.

So what’s included in the Kebab for 4? Let me break it down for you

Meats: One skewer of diced tender lamb fillet, one skewer of lamb chops, one skewer of chicken fillet, one skewer of baby chicken on the bone, four skewers of minced lamb and one skewer of grilled tomato.

4 Sides: choose from rice, chips & nan.

4 individual salads

and 4 cans of juice of your choice.
So a pretty hefty amount of food, and more than enough for 4 people. The rice especially could have fed a family of 4 for about a week. So good portion sizes, and yes in hindsight the kebab for 2 would have been more than enough for the 3 of us.

Paradise Takeaway Glasgow 2018

Let’s talk about the skewers…….

First off the bat I enjoyed this meal massively (well except the disintegrating nan.) but my favourite was probably the Minced Lamb skewer, which were cooked nicely, and had a lovely meaty aromatic taste.

The chicken fillet ran a close second tho, the meat was tender and beautifully seasoned, it had a lightly spiced coating which I loved.  I could have happily eaten this all day!

The Lamb Chop, I found nice enough, I only had one but MrG and my Dad wolfed them down. It was really the chicken and the lamb mince I kept going back for.

Paradise Takeaway Glasgow 2018

The not so great for me were the lamb fillet, which I found a bit dry and chewy. And the chicken on the bone was a wee bit of a waste of time because there was virtually no meat on it, so I gave up on them after 2 bits.

Paradise Takeaway Glasgow 2018

I feel special mention has to go to the salas which were really really good for a takeaway salad, it was clearly freshly prepared and had the most delicious dressing, I was actually stunned by how good it was because normally these things are just throw away extras.

Price wise, after my 25% discount I was £46.78 (this included a £3 delivery charge) If I had paid full price it would have been £59, which is definitely on the high side. However, the portions are generous and it’s more than enough food for 4 people. At nearly £15 per person I would say that it is definitely pricey but the quality of food is higher than your average takeaway, and I would have been happy enough if I had paid that for the food we received.

All in all I found the menu had a nice selection of delicious Persian dishes to choose from. The price was on the high side by worth the money, and the packaging and delivery time were fantastic. I will definitely order takeaway from these guys again….well maybe not the nan but you better believe I will be back for those Lamb Mince Kebabs asap.

Paradise April 2018 Carry Out, Carry on!

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