Curry Pot Takeaway

Every time I drive along Dumbarton Road I almost always say to MrG that we need to order takeaway from the area more often, especially since there are quite a few take away spots that always peek my fancy –  Rice & Noodle, Dumpling Monkey, 100oC, Bing Soul etc

So give that this is what Carry Out, Carry On! is all about we decided to hit Curry Pot for the third installment of my takeaway series.


Now given that we didn’t know the menu at all we decided to place our order online and then go out to collect it with my new hot bag…..yip I bought a hot bag…I am a Geek, I make no apology for this 🙂

Curry Pot Takeaway April 2018

So it’s kind of a burger/kebab/pizza/ curry place, and not an Indian as I had first thought.  The menu had a reasonably good selection of curries, which is really what we were interested in. Although there wasn’t anything massively intriguing with regards to offering something a wee bit different.

I was really into pakora selection though, it’s nowhere near as intriguing as the Balti Club in woodlands, but they do offer aubergine fritters, cauliflower pakora & paneer pakora, all of which I thought sounded pretty good.

Curry Pot Takeaway April 2018

In the end we decided to order – Butter Chicken, Garlic Chilli Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala curries, Cauliflower Pakora and Aubergine Fritters, along with Chips, Pilau Rice, Plain Naan and a Paratha. All of which came to an incredible £35.15, had we have bought this from a curry house we easily would have been £60. So price wise it is pretty impressive.

After settling on what we wanted  we placed our order and were told out collection time was 20 minutes, perfect no issue at all with that. At the allotted time off I toddled to Dumbarton Road with my hot bag in toe to collect my Indian feast, which was ready on time for me to collect.

The food travelled really well, everything arrived back to the flat hot and there’s was no spillage at all. Happy days!

Curry Pot Takeaway April 2018

So let’s talk food….there were definitely lots of good points – there was a nice mount of chicken breast in the curries, the chips although frozen were nicely cooked, and the breads were pretty delicious.

Curry Pot Takeaway April 2018

The aubergine fritters I liked. I thought they were pretty dang tasty…although the balance of batter to aubergine was kind of off balance because there was way too much batter for me, I still enjoyed them tho. I wasn’t mad keen an the cauliflower pakora, I thought the cauliflower was too hard. MrG however loved them so that’s probably a personal taste thing.

Curry Pot Takeaway April 2018

Okay let’s talk about the glaring issue which you can clearly see from the pictures, the curries were obscenely oily….like OBSCENE! And these pictures were taken after I had given the curries a good stir to see if I could get the sauce to absorb the oil a bit. Grease aside, the sauces themselves didn’t really blow me away. I struggled to tell which curry was which in terms of flavour, they were all just kind of curry sauce like. Although the garlic chilli chicken did have a bit more heat to it. And if I’m being honest the texture wasn’t really floating my boat, the butter chicken especially has split so badly, because of the excess oil it was grainy and kind of minging in my mouth.

Curry Pot Takeaway April 2018

There is no getting away from the fact that these are classic kebab shop curries, and are nowhere near the quality or flavour you will get going to a proper Indian restaurant. However, it’s virtually half the price….the question really is – is that 50% worth saving? For me, absolutely not. Although everything else was nice solid takeaway food the sauce is really the main component of an Indian, so if the sauce is pretty bad that is going to ruin the whole experience for me. So I feel personally that this is £30 wasted rather than £30 saved by not going to an indian restaurant for the takeaway.

Ultimately I would have to compare Curry Pot with what is on offer at Balti Club, who offer a similar menu at a similar price, and where I quite enjoy on the odd occasion. But unfortunately this falls pretty far off the mark for me. As I said the sauces just killed it for me, which is a real shame because had the sauces have been even a wee bit better it would have made all the difference to the meal.

Unfortunately Curry Pot probably isn’t somewhere I would revisit, which I am really sad about because the staff were so lovely and friendly. I really wanted to be able to write a super nice review for them.  Although you never know maybe there pizzas and kebabs are a bit better, but for my money I’d give their curries a miss.

Curry Pot Takeaway April 2018

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