Paesano West End

Fun fact about me: The first song I ever learnt from beginning to end was the song That’s Amore by Dean Martin. I vividly remember being 4\5 years old sitting on the back seat of my Grandad’s car belting it out with him, and to this day I still absolutely love that song…in fact I love swing/rat pack music generally.

And with a line like ‘When the Moon hits your eyes like a big Pizza Pie, that’s Amore’ – is it really any wonder that my love affair with pizza has been a life long and consuming love.

So when my buddy, Miss Sharon from House of Herby, asked if I fancied a Pizza date at Paesano on Great Western Road I jumped at the change. Then I realised I had never actually written up a review for the West End Hot spot which is a shocking state of affairs…..a travesty which surely needs immediately rectified.

(Now before I bust out into my review I need to give you a quick heads up – I took virtually no photos because I was too busy gabbing with Shazza…I did get some of the food, but that is it.)

Table - Paesano Sept 2018

Situated right slap bang in the middle of Great Western Road, Paesano feels like a vast pizza emporium of deliciousness. It is way bigger inside that you would think, with it’s high ceilings and nice big windows the place just feels massive.

And while I dig the decor I do feel that the place is just a wee bit soulless for me. This is not a place designed to linger in my opinion – the tables are really packed into this huge open space, and then there is the fact that the tables for two are really tight space wise when the two pizzas arrive. The chairs aren’t really comfortable, and because the ceilings are so high the noise levels are pretty loud because the sound bounces around the place. Having said that, don’t let that put you off, this isn’t a place you are supposed to hang out for hours – it’s an in, order, eat delicious food, and out kind of place….and it does that very very well.

Staff wise – they were pleasant enough, clearly the emphasis is on speed and getting people in and out as fast as possible tho. I hadn’t even got my bum on my seat and already we had a waiter asking us for our drinks order. Nice enough staff, I just had no interaction with them other that ordering and bringing food.

Pizza - Paesano Sept 2018

Now for the main event – the pizza pies! I decided to order the Number 7  – Fresh Tuscan fennel sausage with sugo, mozzarella and evoo, to this I also added some Salami Napoli. And in true paesano style we had our pizzas delivered to our table in no more than 7-8 minutes.

If you were to ask 100 people in Glasgow where their favourite pizza in the city is, 75% will say Paesano and I can see why – The pizza itself is neapolitan style with a light, fluffy airy crust, and a mega thin base. This is definitely a pizza which has to be eaten with a fork and knife because there isn’t enough structure to the base to be able to pick up a slice I have found.

The flavours were absolutely amazing  – the sugo (or Authentic Italian Tomato Sauce to you and me) was tangy, bold and delicious. The fennel sausage was super meaty and slightly spicy and the mozarella was creamy. It is a freakishly amazing pizza.

Balsamic Onions - Paesano Sept 2018

Along with our pizzas we also ordered a side of Balsamic Onions were were AH-mazing – I love vinegar/balsamic stuff and these mini onions (like pickled onion size) had a super strong balsamic kick.  I could eat a bowl of these just sitting at home watch an episode of Australian Masterchef.

Ricotta - Paesano Sept 2018

We also ordered a portion of Fresh ricotta, with evoo and oregano and seasoned with salt and pepper. Now this was utterly lush – the ricotta was silky and smooth and the seasoning was fantastic. This is 100% a must order.

To be honest the food from top to bottom was a 10. Everything was just absolutely delicious.

Price wise ( as I said I forgot to take a picture) we were £33 for the two of us. That included 2 pizzas, 2 sides and four drinks so I think it was pretty fantastic value for money since the pizza was so large that I didn’t actually have dinner that evening because I was still stuffed 8 hours later.

All in all…I love paesano, it’s maybe not somewhere to linger and chat, but it is somewhere you can get a massive, delicious, cheap pizza really fast….what’s not to love about that.


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