Saturday Review: Five March

Welcome to my new blog feature – The Saturday Review. A brief to the point review of some of Glasgow’s most talked about dining spots and hidden gems.

Today I’m kicking off my new weekly feature with a visit to one of the darlings of the food scene over the last 12 months, Five March. It’s as cool as a cucumber, and the menu is brimming with intriguing and unusual ingredients – but does it live up to the hype?

Venue: Five March, located on Elderslie Street, is where the cool kids dine. As Coolio himself once said it’s a hipsters paradise…or he said something like that I am sure. Lots of wood, vintage style school chairs and plants. Think under done and minimalist, with a smear of scandi chic.

Staff: Now I’m not going to lie when I walked in and saw how cool and hipster the vibe was I thought that the staff might be kinda cold and too cool for school. But actually that couldn’t be further from the truth…the staff were super friendly, helpful and warm.

Menu: As seems to be more often the case now in Glasgow the menu here is based on a selection of medium sized sharing plates. Beware tho you better know your dining partners reasonably well because a fork and knife are often involved in splitting the dishes. The menu is seasonal and changes reasonably often.

Food: The food is kinda epic, and although small plate restaurants can be a bit hit and miss on a dish by dish basis I’ve found Frive March to be pretty consistently excellent. The dishes sound super interesting with a heavy emphasis on season produce. Think tender melt in your mouth Beef Cheek with coconut madras, Falafel with za’alouk, pickled onion and quinoa taboleh, or Fried Potatoes with Japanese mayo and togarashi salt.

Price: Again in line with other small plate restaurants I tend to find this a reasonably expensive way to dine, with dishes range from £5 – £13 you could rack up a pretty sizable bill accidentally. However the portions are pretty generous, and we have found the 5 plates between 2 is about the right amount. I would say it’s not cheap but brilliant food and well worth the money. As a side note their lunch menu is fantastic – 2 plates for £8 or 3 plates for £12, which is really really brilliant value for the quality of the food.

Overall: A thoroughly cool restaurant, interesting menu (yes, I had to Google a couple of ingredients…what of it!) lovely staff, and most importantly utterly fabulous food. It’s no wonder they have been one of the big food stars in the city over the last 12 months.

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