The Saturday Review: Eusebi Deli

In Glasgow we aren’t short of an Italian restaurant. And whether you like old school Italian trattorias, modern Italian fusion, pizza, pasta, or a delicious deli you can find them all here. Personally I am a fan of all of these, and think they all have their place in the food scene in the city.  However, I thought it was time to introduce you to a personal favourite of mine – Eusebi Deli, on Park Rd in the west end. This is a restaurant come deli which I can often be found enjoying a coffee and cake, a delicious bowl of pasta, or a tasty brunch.

Venue: Eusebis is the quintessential modern Italian restaurant. Giovanna, the owner, is often found buzzing about making everyone feel welcomed and loved. The atmosphere is always a warm and positive one when she is around, so you immediately just feel good by being near her. Although layout wise – the restaurant-come-deli can be difficult to navigate when busy, with staff and customers falling over each other, due to the busy deli counter being located in amongst the dining tables. At times it can lead to customers being made to feel awkward and like they are in the way.

Staff: Generally in the past service has been a fairly hit and miss topic for me, but is WAY better than it was when it first opened. In fact it is testament to how good I think the food is here that I have continued to go back over the years, because the service at times has been pretty bad. However in the last 6-12 months I do feel that there has been a massive improvement, with slow service rare.

Menu: With different breakfast, weekend brunch, daytime and evening menus it’s easy to get confused with what is on offer when at Eusebis. But what will consistently be available is interesting and delicious sounding dishes. The freshly made pasta dishes, and pizza romana comes in a dazzling selection of toppings and combinations which will leave you spoilt for choice.

Food: Everytime I visit Eusebis the food seems to get better and better. Their pasta, which is clearly made with love from scratch every day, is some of the best you will find in the city. For my money the Pappardelle Gorgonzola is one of the finest plates of food you will find anywhere – the lush thick ribbons of housemade pasta  come coated in a pungent and flavorful gorgonzola fonduta, topped with sweet onion and rosemary. Every single plate at Eusebis is a work of art – both visually and in taste.

Price: I find the prices about in line with most italians in the city. With pizzas at £12.50 and  generous bowls of pasta range form £12 – £18. I would say that it is certainly pricey, however it is 100% worth the prices being charges. Eusebis food is all made freshly in house every day and that shines through in the quality of each dish.

Overall: I love Eusebis, like really really love it. The food is outstanding, the vibe in the restaurant is mostly friendly and warm, and the cake selection will leave dizzy with indiscision because you want them all. Eusebis is a fantastic community restaurant and well worth checking out.





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