Saturday Edit: Ramen Dayo

Wanna know how good Ramen Dayo is? It is so good that I was invited in to try out some of their food recently, and I was so impressed with everything that I insisted that they let me pay. Part of the reason that I don’t accept many invites is because I want to help support local business. And so I wanted to pay to show a wee bit appreciation for the quality of the food we enjoyed.

If you’re not familiar with Ramen Dayo they are a fantastic local business producing some of the most delicious ramen you will find in the city, in one of the cutest locations. This funky Ramen spot came to life via owner Paul, who upon returning to Scotland after living in Japan for 12 years spotted a real gap in the Glasgow food scene for a good ramen joint. So he set about perfecting and adapting some of his favourite Japanese dishes for the good people of Glasgow (thanks Paul, you are a good man!) and so in 2016 Ramen Dayo was born.

Venue: Are you ready for a bold claim? Ramen Dayo is one of the coolest looking restaurants in the city. Located up a wee dodgy narrow staircase on Ashton Lane, walking through the front door it is like being teleported into a funky food shack slap bang in the middle of Japan. Think corrugated iron walls and wooden benches, cute Japanese toys, retro posters and hanging lanterns. It’s small, fun and really committed to everything Japanese.

Staff: SO LOVELY! Everyone was super nice, the waitress especially was like a little ray of sunshine at every single table she visited. They were so incredibly helpful and friendly. I think sometimes folk can be put off visiting new places when they aren’t familiar with the cuisine because they get embarrassed asking questions. There is none of that here, these guys are more than happy to talk you through every dish to help you find the right thing for you.

Menu:  The menu as you would expect is bursting with different ramen and delicious toppings to add. There is also a cracking selection of sides ranging from traditional edamame, to crispy crunch gyoza, to smokey benito fries, to their new tebasaki wings. It’s an easy to understand menu, although if like me you don’t know a massive amount about Japanese flavours and ingredients expect to feel a little overwhelmed by it – don’t worry tho that is where the brilliant helpful staff come in.

Food: I was happy to put myself into Pauls hands and try his favourite ramen – the Tonkotsu Miso, with an added boiled egg. It was mega flavourful, the broth was rich and full, the pork was tender and the mayu burnt garlic oil was giving me life! The sides were bloody brilliant too, the bulgogi beef gyoza are a must order I think.

Special mention has to go to the chicken karaage which was INCREDIBLE, the chicken was moist and the coating was crispy as a MOFO!!

As a small side note, it is definitely worth trying out their made in house yuzo cooler which was zesty and refreshing. I also loved the Peach nata de coco, which was a bit like a peach bubble tea.

Price: For me I think the prices here are very reasonably priced. The ramens range from £8.50 – £9.50, of course you can add lots of topping which will increase the price. But I had the basic dish with an egg, and my ramen was just £10.90 and it was so big  that I only managed to eat half. I know that the Japanese drinks at £4.90 can seem a wee bit pricey but you need to take into account that these are being especially imported. I found for the quality and amount of food the pricing was spot on.

Incase you can’t tell I am raging about my trip to Ramen Dayo, pure fizzing I am….that it took me so long to go visit. I have been raving about this place to literally everyone all week. The location is CoolAF, the staff are so nice, the food is packed full of flavour and the price is extremely  reasonable – what’s not to love about it.

Get your ass down to see the guys on Ashton Lane they are fantastic!

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