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Brawsome Bagels Review

Brawsome by name Brawsom by nature.

When I heard a month or two ago about Brawsom Bagels opening in Partick my first thought was FINALLY!!!! Ever since I moved to Glasgow I have been banging on about how much we needed a great bagel shop… somewhere that makes tons of flavours and then stuffs them with delicious fillings. And finally after 8 years my prayers have been answered in the form of Brawsome Bagels.

Vibes: Last week I popped in for an impromptu visit to pick up some goodies and ended up meeting Ian, the brains behind the bagels and getting a tour of the kitchen - which bizarrely is massive, I thought it would be tiny given the size of the front of house. The shop itself is cool - think white subway tiles, ‘Ye Want Some’ neon sign and ply board walls. There are a couple of stools at the back of the shop if you want to sit in but this is predominantly a take away shop.

But never mind that let's get to the good stuff and talk bagels.

Eats: Made fresh on site throughout the day by Ian you'll find a whole smorgasbord of bagel flavours available to choose from - onion, pizza, blueberry, plain, sesame, poppy seed and pretzel. So a pretty extensive selection, and something for everyone.

I decided to buy two filled bagels to try, mostly because I couldn’t pick just one, and after taking some advice I went for the vegan Bombay Boss - Onion Bagel, Masala tofu, mango chutney, chickpea schmear, bombay mix and herb. And the Rockerfella - Pizza Bagel, pastrami, gouda, swiss cheese, pickle and mustard. Now, even though this comes with pastrami I was talked into switching this out in favour of their slow cooked in-house smoked ham, which proved to be an outstanding recommendation.

Okay let’s break this down, both bagels were excellent but if I had to pick a favourite it definitely would have been the Bombay Boss which was rammed full of flavours and textures. The Tofu gave it body, the mango chutney added sweetness, the bombay mix gave it a bit of crispy texture and the schmear brought the creaminess.

This was a genuinely brilliant bagel, and while I intend to work my way through the menu I am telling you now it will have to be going some to beat this bad boi!

However, that doesn’t mean that my modified Rockerfella wasn’t a great bagel too. The shredded ham was so moist and tender, and all the other toppings complicated it perfectly. As a stand alone this is a fantastic sandwich….just not as good as the Bombay Boss in my opinion.

Just as a side note, I also bought 3 onion bagels to take home which I had the following day and they were still soft and felt mega fresh. They also have a great selection of sof drinks - many of which they have sourced in Scotland.

What it’s Gonna Cost You: Price wise the filled bagels are priced as £6 each, which I don’t have issue with - there were heaps of filling, it’s locally sourced, sustainable where possible and made fresh in house daily. These issues are important to me and I get that sometimes that will cost a tiny bit more.

All in all this is everything I ever wanted from the bagel shop that I have so longed for, and I am so happy that we finally have it. Please go along and support them, although beware they are so busy at the moment that they do sometimes run out of bagels later in the day, so make sure you get there early.

292 Dumbarton Road,




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