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Eusebis Review

Over the last 18 months I don’t there is a restaurant I have missed more than I have missed Eusebis. You see this is my restaurant - it’s my place! This is where I meet my pals for coffee, and where I take my notoriously difficult to please Mother and Grandmother. It’s where I take my 7 year old nephew for hotdog and chips pizza, and where I grab a cake when I go visiting, and it’s where I go for relaxed dinners with my pals. This is my everything restaurant and boy have I missed them

In Glasgow we aren’t short of an Italian restaurant - And whether you like old school Italian trattorias, modern Italian fusion, pizza, pasta, or a delicious deli you can find them all right here in the city. Personally I am a fan of all of these, and think they all have their place in our food scene. But for me Euesbis is the jewel in the crown, and that isn’t because I think it does massively better food than other places, there are A LOT of amazing Italians in the city and I love them all - but this restaurant/come cafe/come deli is my favourite because of how it makes me feel.

Vibes: Eusebis is the quintessential modern Italian restaurant in the West End, it has massive windows which not only floods the place with natural light but offers you some prime Glasgow people watching opportunities while enjoying a pretty spectacular coffee. Inside the space is dominated by a massive counter full of amazingly tempting food which will have you drooling before you even sit down. But the thing I loved most about this west end hot spot is the really busy vibrant vibe which I enjoy.

Giovanna, the owner, is often found buzzing about making everyone feel welcomed and loved. The atmosphere is always a warm and positive one when she is around, and you immediately just feel good by being near her. Although layout wise – the restaurant-come-deli can be difficult to navigate when busy, with staff and customers at times falling over each other, due to the busy deli counter being located amongst the dining tables, however, it’s easy to excuse away as just vibrant restaurant bustle. (this is of course how the restaurant is in non-covid times, I am trying to set the scene on what you might experience in the coming years rather than weeks)

Eats: Naturally over the last year it has mostly been dine at home stuff I have been eating from Eusebis, with their heat at home boxes and hot delivery via UberEats making frequent appearances in our kitchen. But let's not dwell on dining at home - let’s talk about their in-house menus which are always heaving with incredible dishes.

With different breakfast, brunch, and evening menus available it is an all day kind of place - these guys have you covered from your genuinely epic cacio pepe soft scrambled eggs in the morning which is served with baked in house sourdough, until your huge plate of yesterday's lasagna in the evening (cause everyone knows yesterday's lasagna is the best -right?) You name the italian dish. I am taking eggs, pasta, pizza, mains, desserts, antipasto, and you can find an interesting modern version on these menus. Seb, the head chef and his cracking team have taken the traditional Italian dishes their nonnas used to make and injected some 2021 style into them, but not in a frightening way. Nothing is deconstructed, foamed, splatted or added to the plate with tweezers, it is just contemporary hearty dishes that transports you right to the heat of Florence with every heavenly bite.

As a side note, they make their pasta fresh in house and it absolutely makes a difference, in fact they make most of their stuff in house - the cakes, breads, deli goodies. It is all made with excellent quality fresh vibrant ingredients.

For my money there is one thing that you absolutely have to try at Eusebis, and it is practically a bun fight in morning to get your hands on one - the creme cornetti which is a made in house croissant deep fried and pumped full of the most lush decadent vanilla custard you have ever tasted in your puff and then rolled in sugar, for £3 it is something truly special. It is incredible, I mean REALLY incredible. In fact I am just going to say it… is perfection! If I could only eat one more thing from Eusebis this is what I would pick.

Top Tip: Here you will be able to enjoy a Glass Bottle of my favourite wine - the 2019 Primitivo Appassito Imprint. A Mano, Puglia, Italy. You will always find a bottle of this on my table at Eusebis and in my wine rack at home. It’s dark, deep and spicy.

What’s it Gonna Cost You? I find the prices about in line with most italians in the city. Breakfast comes in at about £10 a dish, pizzas at £12 and generous bowls of pasta range from £12 – £20 (to be fair the £20 is a Slow cooked veal ragu & fresh truffle pappardelle so you would expect that to be at the top end). I would say that it is certainly pricey, however it is 100% worth the prices being charged. Eusebis food is all made freshly in house every day and that shines through in the quality of each dish.

As I said at the start this is my place so it should come as no surprise that I love Eusebis, like I really really love it. The food is outstanding, the vibe in the restaurant is friendly and warm, and the cake selection will leave you dizzy with indiscision because you want them all. Eusebis is a fantastic neighbourhood restaurant and well worth checking out.

152 Park Road, Glasgow, G4 9HB



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