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Glasgow Foodies Recommends: With @_thecrispyroll

From Pam: So @_thecrispyroll - or Austen to his pals, is a veritable resource for all things craft beer and off the beaten track food in Glasgow. He is a fan of authentic cuisine (do not for the love of god order a Sweet and Sour chicken if you are sharing a table with him, or you will live to regret it) his style is definitely food porn meets comfort eating...he's one of my best friends and I trust his recommendations without question.

When the OG of Glasgow food blogging asked me to get involved with one of her comeback posts for the GFG Blog I was of course delighted to say yes.

It was a very hard choice to select my favourite venues - there are so many places in Glasgow that I could have chosen because we are blessed with an abundance of amazing food and drink businesses, but I eventually narrowed it down to form what I see as a F**KING epic day out in Glasgow.

First up brunch! Now I say brunch, but I mean a boozy breakfast. I would probably set it up for around 12pm - you may argue that is more lunch, but I would defo still consider it brunch as long as there are eggs involved. For me it must be Partick Duck Club. The food is always amazing and inventive, the staff are friendly and attentive, and they even have seats outside for those two days a year that it's sunny in Glasgow.

For food I would recommend their eggs benedict black, but make sure to add a Cumberland sausage on the side. If you are feeling adventurous and want a big lunch, then add a starter from the lunch menu - I would go with the Orkney crab and cheese custard. Then for dessert a butterscotch Vientta sundae. Add in a few St Andrew’s Brewing Ipa’s or a Bloody Mary if that’s your thing and you have the perfect weekend lunch/brunch.

Pick number two, takes me right across the city to the southside. It's sunny out so you might want to walk off that lunch and go for dinner at Little Hoi An. Raymond, Julie and the team deserve recognition for the AMAZING food they make, but also for the massive welcome they give all their customers.

I would argue that this is the friendliest restaurant in Glasgow, because from the minute you walk through the door you know you are with friends.

Food recommendations? Well everything to be honest, but if I had to choose then I would go with dumplings, won tons, salt and chilli chips and salt and chilli pork with sticky sauce. When you add the spectacular welcome to the fact that their food is absolutely banging you have a restaurant that you want to go back to week after week. P.S. It's BYOB - so don’t forget to pick up a couple of beers during your walk from the west end to the south side so you don’t dehydrate over dinner...hydration is very important!

By this time you have eaten a lot and had a few drinks, but you want some more. This is the point where your good intentions of walking all day go flying out the window and it's time to jump a taxi back to the west end of the city, cause you're about to visit the best bar in Glasgow!

Grunting Growler is my favourite place to go for a beer. They have a multitude of craft beer, cocktails and wine to choose from, brilliant tunes and Jehad the owner makes you feel at home the minute you walk through the door. If you're looking for a chilled place to drink some great craft beer or wine, then this is the spot for you. If you would like a bit of advice from me definitely try something from Glasgows very own Overtone Brewery which is a personal favourite. Don’t worry if you're new to the craft beer scene and don’t know where to start - the GG team will help you pick out the perfect drink to match your tastes.

There you have it. A perfect day in the life of the Crispy Roll during a sunny Saturday in Glasgow! Enjoy.

[all images are copyrighted to @_thecrispyroll]



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