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Hello from the blogging abyss

About a month ago on Instagram I asked if people would be interested in a Glasgow Food Geek newsletter, because there was no way I was bringing the blog back - I didn’t have time, I didn’t have the motivation anymore, plus do people still read blogs anymore?

Everyone was super supportive of a newsletter, which was great, but the amount of DM’s I got asking for the blog to come back kind of blew me away. So what started off as an idea to do a once a month newsletter has spiralled way out of control into a whole new blog!

It's been three years since I've really taken my blogging seriously...the truth is I completely fell out of love with it. I just didn't want to write anymore. My love for food photography surpassed my need to do any kind of writing so Instagram really became my focus over the last three years.

To be fair that hasn't changed, I still love Instagram. It's a space that I love creating content for and spending time generally. But something has changed in the last few months, my urge to write again has started to niggle at the back of my brain.

I think in the last 18 months where some have felt creatively inspired I have definitely felt uninspired - after all, eating out wasn't an option and there are only so many pizzas and donuts you can shoot at home…. I wouldn't say I've been painting by numbers creatively but perhaps creatively coasting would be a better description. But I'm ready to change that and become a fully functioning content creator again.

What does that mean…..who knows! But I'm inspired enough to start my blog again from scratch, as you can see. I started this blog 8 years ago - the reviews I had done are insanely out of date and the photos make my eyes bleed. So a fresh page has been turned and a new blog has begun.

From the new look GFG blog you can expect a bit more of a magazine vibe - food reviews in Glasgow will of course be my number one passion but I'm ready to talk about some other things that I'm interested in - books, wine, photography, the environment, just whatever I fancy really.

I tell you what you definitely shouldn expect - bad write ups! I just don’t dig it! Last year I had breast cancer, and while I am now absolutely healthy (long may that continue) I am only about the positivity and good vibes now.. Plus over the years I have gotten very very good at knowing what I will like and not like, so it is genuinely a very rare occasion that I don’t enjoy a meal. And honestly writing bad reviews, which I did do before, was such a downer. It always left me feeling uninspired and tired. And in the year 2021 I think we all need a bit more good vibrations, kindness, understanding and spreading of the love.

I am really excited to start back on this journey again with you all, and discover some great new places to eat togeth



Thanks for signing up!





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