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Holy Moly Bagel Review

One of my favourite things of the Covid Pandemic has been the number of small food businesses that I was introduced to - you name it and I was getting it shipped in from all over the country...smoked salmon, chocolate, biscuits, meat, pies….the list was endless.

But for sure one of my favorite covid finds was Holy Moly Belter Bagels right here in Glasgow.

Matt, the baker and owner of Holy Moly was brought to my attention on Instagram via a mutual friend. Being a bit of a bagel connoisseur I immediately sent him a DM asking if I could possibly buy some bagels. The answer was yip and within a few days my very first box of 12 mixed bagels was hand delivered by Matt himself.

And what an absolute treat they are, although he has expanded his offering now at the time he was offering plain, salted, sesame, caramelised onion, poppy seed and everything. For me the standouts were the caramelised onion and everything flavours. Although genuinely all of them are great.

The bagels themselves are everything you want a good bagel to be - chewy, dense and a slight sweet and salty after taste. I think they taste their best when they are toasted, so I always blast mine on my griddle pan for a couple of minutes to make them warm and a bit crispy.

Although Matt originally started out offering just the 6 different flavours, that has quickly escalated to include Black garlic and whisky smoked salt, cinnamon & raisin and jalapeno & Monterey Jack…..he is even doing a vegan version now too. I haven’t tried any of these flavours yet because I always order the everythings, but I definitely need to give that black garlic and whisky smoked salt a try because it sounds amazing.

As well as these top class bagels you can also buy a selection of flavoured cream cheese to enjoy with them. There are 6 different flavours to choose from but for me I can’t see past the Big Mac Schmear which I eat straight from the tub with a spoon. It is so good. As you would imagine it tastes just like the Big Mac sauce at Macca’s which we all know is AM-azing!

ANNNNND if that wasn’t enough you can also buy a whole brunch get up which for £27.50 includes - Beetroot cured salmon, Plain cream cheese, Lemon & dill cream cheese, Sliced avocado, Pickled red onion, Pickled cucumber, Chilli jam, Baby capers and 6 bagels of your choice. This is a fantastic box, I’ve had it once and it just felt like such a luxurious treat which could easily feed 6 people.

You can order Holy Moly Belter Bagels for either collection or delivery via their website. Beware though you have to be thinking in advance because generally you need to order a minimum of a week in advance, sometimes three weeks if they are busy...but trust me they are worth the effort


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