Commonwealth Games – Days 1-3

Over the weekend we had my Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony post and today is just a wee overview of what I have been up to over the first 3 days of the games.
Day 1: We made our first and only visit out to the Emirates Arena to see the Badminton, I really love going to watch different sports so I had a great time. I’ve never been to watch anything where there are 5 different games going on at one time – it is so confusing, at 1 point I felt like an over excited puppy with my head on a constant swivel. In the end I settled on watching Australia vs Wales as it was the closest match because a few of the games were REALLY 1 sided.
It was a beautiful day so we had a lovely time in the sun enjoying some food which on the whole has been pretty decent at all the venues I have been to.

Day 2: Was brilliant! We started the day off with a visit to Glasgow Green which is one of the Live Zones in the city. What a set up they have there – it was amazing. We did have about a 15 minute wait to get through security because it was so busy but no one seemed to mind…I certainly didn’t. There are various different areas in the park. There is a large sports area where you can have a go at a few of the commonwealth sports. A huge stage area is set up off to the side of the park where wonderful live music was being played. In the centre  is a really fantastic Scottish food area where you can buy everything from Hog Roasts and Dressed Crab to cooked to order Fillet Steak and Sushi. You can even buy treats from my favourite sisters at the Three Sisters Bake food truck. There is music, tons of stalls and fun activities, food, booze and HUGE screens to watch the sports – Huge congrats to the organisers this is a triumph.
In the evening we made our way along to Tollcross to watch the swimming – what an exciting evening. My cousin in law was an olympic swimmer and won a bronze medal (I think this is one of the coolest things ever) so I have always had a bit of a thing for swimming but had never been to an actual meet. I knew it was going to be hot and thankfully the lovely Briony form Yelp hooked me up with a few yelp fans which was never out of my hand.
We were lucky enough to see Dan Wallace win a Gold medal for Team Scotland which was SO exciting, during his last 100m I was on my feet jumping up and down like a lunatic and screaming Go! Go! Go! like a banshee. Dan’s medal ceremony was certainly for me one of the unforgettable moments of my experience, singing Flower of Scotland as the Saltire was raised…unforgettable and emotional!

Day 3: In all honesty I am starting to flag a little now and it is only day 3 of 11. The problem isn’t the events themselves it is the mammoth walks to and from the stadiums. Today was my first of two session of weightlifting at the Clyde Auditorium. Mr Geek bizarrely is a massive fan of weightlifting during the olympics so he was keen to see it. I wasn’t really into it but agreed to go along anyway. It was freaking awesome…it’s all about trying to physic your opponent out and the physiological mind games within their own heads. England won Gold, I have got to say I am super impressed with the reception that Team England is getting at all the sessions I have been to – I am certainly cheers and shouting for them, well as long as they’re not competing against a Scottish athlete.


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