4th Blogaversary New Look

Another Year!


Here we are again 365 days laters, 365 days older, 365 days wiser….hahahah – just joshin’ with you of course I’m not in anyway wiser!

But my lovely little corner of the world wide web is indeed 365 days older, at the ripe old age of 4. That’s right we are a big 4 over at Glasgow Food Geek so I decided to celebrate this milestone with a new look…as you can see.

What do you think? Do you like it?

I figure now that I am a year older I deserved a stylish new look…something more elegant and clean, something a bit  more modern and cool. And I have to tell you I love it! I feel it is more reflective of the fact that I am putting more emphasis all the time on my photography, and I feel it is much more representative of my style.

And while I have been going through old blog posts prepping for the new look, I have decided to embark upon a bit of a vanity project. You see I really am not very happy with the style or images from old posts anymore, after all some of them are now four years old and I like to think that I have developed and matured in my writing in the last few years, so I am going to re-write/photograph some of my original posts – the score won’t necessarily change but I think it is a good idea to freshen everything up, so keep your eyes peeled for some new posts.

So that aside it has been another fun year over at GeekHQ packed full of dinners with friends at all my old favourites, and so many new discoveries too. And what a year it has been for newcomers in Glasgow!  In the last year the city has welcomed – Kelbourne Saint, 6 by nico, Spanish Butcher, Babs, Beer Kitchen, Crossing the Rubicon, Duchess of Argyll, Chelsea Market, Bread Meats Bread west end, Alchamilla, Paesano West, Horn Please…and so many more.

I would go as far as saying it has been the best year ever for new additions to the city, and I think looking at that list it would be hard to disagree. And the great news is the speed with which the Glasgow food scene is growing doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon, which is just fantastic.

As you can imagine I get asked ALLLLLLL the time where my favourite restaurant is, and my answer is ALLLLLways the same – Glasgow is too diverse and vibrant to pick just one. And with all these new additions they are making it increasingly difficult to pick just one restaurant to represent the whole of the city.

But as is now tradition on my blogiversary I like to attempt to narrow down my favorites, and this year is no different – I have set out to pick the food spots that have been standouts for me in the past year. To be honest tho there are so many great places now in the city, that I kid you not when I say, that virtually every category has been changed at least 3 times over the last 2 weeks as I try to pin down the best as far as I am concerned, and I could easily give you a top 10 that I love for each category. These are just the places that I go back to time and time again because I think they are incredible.

So without much further ado here is my now traditional list of GFG Standout Awards for 2017………..








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