A Change is Coming

I’ve never met a word I didn’t like!

This is a phrase that has followed me around my entire life, it all started when I was wee and my Grandad would tell me often that I had verbal diarrhea (charming huh?)

This love of words and description has naturally fallen over into my writing. Why use one word to describe a dish/restaurant/experience when I can use 10! But the truth of the matter is that my love of writing in the last 12\24 months has shifted over to a love of trying to tell a story with photography – I still enjoy the process of putting my thoughts down, I just perhaps don’t need to do it in 1500 word restaurant reviews anymore.

So where does that leave us?

Well in 2018 I think I wrote 5 restaurant reviews, not because I hadn’t been to any fantastic new restaurants. It’s because I feel like people don’t really want to read long drawn out reviews anymore. I know I find myself skimming over posts now looking for the edited highlights….the bones of the point that the writer is making. As a society, more and more, we are looking for the information we digest in bite sized chunks because our time is a precious commodity.

However, I love sharing my thoughts on a new restaurants, and helping you guys find your way into the places that I think are knocking it out the park in G-Town.

So this is how I plan to move forward with the GFG Blog – my blog posts are going to be a lot shorter.

Do I really need to use 300 words to describe the vibe of a restaurant when I am showing you the pictures? Of course not. Do you actually need to hear my thoughts on every single element of my meal ( a meal that may not even be on the menu when you visit?) probably not. What you really want to know is should I go here and spend my extremely hard earned money. You don’t necessarily care just how smooth the mash potato was.

I will be getting much more to the point – well as much as I can, I am sure I will go off in tangents at times. But I will be looking to nail every review in under 500 words (believe me this is a challenge of gigantic proportion, given that this blog post is already 409 words, and I feel like this is barely an intro) My posts are going to be WAY more image heavy, because I find that is really the kind of posts that I like to read now so why wouldn’t I write in the same style.

I am looking forward to evolve GFG over the coming month. I hope that you enjoy the new style reviews and find them still as informative, and I hope funny. They will just be a wee bit shorter and not as wordy.

Yassss 498 word!

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