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Full Circle Bakes

Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about cookies…. It's safe to say I'm their number one fan.

I'm not sure there is another food in existence that makes me as happy as a good cookie does.

Enter my loves Full Circle Bakes. Located in the East End of Glasgow, Full Circle is the brainchild of the Lovely Jacky - Baker and cookie goddess extraordinaire.

I was first introduced to FCB in late 2020 when I spotted a picture on Instagram of their Biscoff cookie. I quickly dispatched my buddy RoccosQuickBites to Toro Coffee in the South Side to buy some for me…I couldn't go myself because I was recovering from an operation at the time. Yes, I absolutely guilted him into going for me, I didn't feel too bad though because he was able to pick some up for himself too, it really was a win / win situation.

My first taste of FCB stuffed biscoff cheesecake cookie that Saturday afternoon was a biblical experience….the earth moved… the heavens opened….angels sang. You get the picture!

It was true love at first bite, and honestly it's no wonder. These massive 140g cookies are stuffed like a Christmas turkey. These little babies are packing - you can tell the second that you pick one up that they are no joke because they have some serious heft.

With flavours like - Cookies + Cream Cookie, Raspberry + White Chocolate Shortcake Cookie, Chocolate + Caramel Wafer Cookie and Peanut Butter + Stroopwafel Cookie there is a flavour that feels like it was tailor made for everyone. You guys know how I feel about biscoff so that is always my go to.

Jacky doesn't just do stuffed cookies (regular and vegan both available) she also does a rather nifty brownie selection too(….hello Raspberry Birthday Cake Blondie and Biscoff Cookie Dough Brownie - I see you and I like the cut of your jib.)

Up until this point you have only been able to buy these goodies via monthly / fortnightly drops. But now FCB are taking the plunge and are opening their shop, initially it will only be open on Saturdays but I've no doubt that this bright young team of bakers will be open 7 days a week in no time.

Over the last year I have been front of the queue every single time Jacky has done a drop and you better believe that I'll be in front of the queue every Saturday morning to pick up my cookies.

My name is Pam and I'm a Full Circle Bakes Addict.


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