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Top 5: Cake Shops

If you are anything like me and have not just one sweet tooth but a whole mouthful then this is just the list for you. To me these are the 5 best places right now to grab a cake in Glasgow.

Cottonrake - 497 Great Western Road

If you follow me on Instagram their inclusion on this list should not come as a shock to you. The Cottonrake white chocolate tart is continually making an appearance on my grid, and really it's no wonder because for my money this is the best cake to be found in the city. Cottonrake is so much more than their tart tho - their sourdough is brilliant, as are their cookies. The macarons are a little joy and the eclairs are light as a feather. This bakery has been right at the top of my favourite food places in Glasgow for years, and I can’t see that changing any time soon.

Cake Bar - 401 Great Western Road

Located on Great Western Rd this is the brainchild of the brilliant Three Sisters Bake, and is an absolute joy to the taste buds. I really love the sisters, they are three of the nicest people you will find in the Glasgow food scene, but more than that, they have made the tray bake trendy again - cookie bars, biscoff crispie cakes, butterscotch rocky road, scored of name it and you will find it in their sumption cake display. They have also added a number of tasty goodies since their reopening this year - there is a whole display of different flavoured empire biscuits, home made teacakes, and the assortment of savoury pies are just a few of the standouts to me.

Tantrum Doughnuts - 27 Old Dumbarton Road / 28 Gordon Street

I mean does this even need an explanation? If you’ve never heard of Tantrum, where have you been? These guys are Glasgow dessert royalty. Their hand crafted brioche doughnuts are an utter masterpiece - they are large, doughy, light and always super tasty. I won’t go into their flavours too much because they change very regularly, but needless to say I am yet to have a tantrum ‘nut that I didn’t absolutely adore.

Full Circle Bakes - 276 Cumbernauld Road

Ain’t no cookies like a Full Circle Bakes cookie! If like me you enjoy a mega thick cookie, or a lush brownie then these are the guys for you. The only problem with Full Circle is that they are so popular it can be hard to get your hands on them. Worry not though lovely people of Glasgow because with their new shop now open on a Saturday they should be easier to get hold of (if you are happy to wait in the queue - I am!). These cookies are the absolute best...and I should know I am quite the cookie connoisseur. They are everything you want - crispy on the outside and soft and crumbly in the middle. Jacky is a Cookie Goddess and I love her.

Eusebi Deli - 152 Park Road

Although these guys do a number of delicious cakes which I really like Euesbie makes this list because of their Creme Cornetti, because it is utterly spectacular. This is a deep fried croissant which is light and flaky, rolled in sugar and piped full of lush rich creamy fresh vanilla creme patissiere. It is possibly more of a breakfast pastry than a traditional cake, but to me it definitely counts! It is a sweet treat to enjoy with a coffee and that is a cake in my book. These are only available in the cafe in the morning and almost always sold out by lunch, especially at the weekend, but believe me it is well worth the early start to get your hands on one.


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