Munros restaurant food review glasgow
It was with great delight I discovered via twitter that today was to be national hot dog day, I leaned this tasty tit bit of delicious information via Munro’s twitter feed so decided it should be there that we would celebrate this momentous day.
Munros restaurant food review glasgow
Located at the bottom of Great Western Road, Munro’s describes its self as a craft beer bar and I would say they have nailed the description. It has obviously had quite a bit of money spent on the uber cool deliberately mismatched furniture and designer tyre lighting….yes as in a car tyre! With it’s exposed bricks. crumbling pillars and wooden floors it screams ‘we don’t do cocktails! order a beer woman!’
The staff seemed pleasant enough, I did enjoy my 18 year old nephew ordering his favourite beverage a West beer and being ID’ed…yeah you guessed it he left it at home! Much to my amusement he ordered a coke and continued to seeth through lunch that he had been denied. The member of staff apologised but if you can’t produce id after being challenged you can’t get served… quite right too, serves him right for leaving it at home.
The menu at Munro’s is a really tasty looking mix of bar meals including burgers, pizzas and hot dogs, on this occasion we all opted for the dogs. I was a little bit more adventurous and chose the chilli dog which was served with fried onions and skinny fries. I only had a couple of minor grumbles with my dog – the buns were all split the whole way through so with a chilli dog it was impossible to pick it up (a hot dog does not taste the same if its eaten with a fork and knife) also the portion of chilli which arrived in a ramekin was a pretty measly portion, once it was tipped on to the dog. This was a shame because the chilli was delicious and really added something to the dish. The skinny fries had a nice bite to them – I know that sounds like a weird comment but I don’t really like crispy skinny fries.
We decided to keep it to one course today and for 3 it came in at a very reasonable £25.
All in all a perfectly decent pub lunch in a nice bar where I would definitely go back to eat again.



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