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Ochil fudge pantry fudge review
If I was asked what sweet thing I would pick to eat for the rest of my life, most people who know me kind of well might assume that it would be a cupcake or maybe a nice bar of chocolate. Only those that know me really well know that my actually sweet treat of choice is a really really nice creamy smooth artisan fudge. I am a total Fudgeaholic! I like flavoured fudge, plain fudge, fudge with stuff in it – just fudge!
Now for my fudgy needs there is only one supplier which fills my every fudge fantasy and it has to be the amazing Ochil Fudge Pantry in Alloa. I was turned on to these angels from Heaven last year when my little cousin discovered them at the Dundee Food Festival, it was then with much excitement that I found them at last years BBC Good Food Show. (worth noting that not only did they have a stall at the event but they were one of only 4 BBC Good Food Bursary winners) Since discovering Ochil I have never looked at fudge quite the same again.

Pecan Fudge – Ochil Pantry

The Ochil Fudge Pantry are a small company made up of fudgetiers – Susan and Angie. They make their fudge in small hand beaten batches which really does come through when you sample the fudge. These lovely ladies are the brains and beating arms behind some of the greatest fudge known to man.
So as you all know I was at the BBC Good Food Show again this past weekend and made a beeline straight for their stall to stock up with tasty treats – and yes I may of spent so much money they gave me a free cotton bag for life! Ochil have every flavour you could possibly imagine wound through their fudge so every time I buy from them I always try to pick at least 2 new flavours (and I still have so many flavours to get through with 33 flavours available at the show)
Being a BIG fan I was desperate to try their wackiest flavour yet Maple & Bacon but by the time I arrived at lunch time on Saturday they had already sold out – GUTTED!!! So instead I opted for a few of my classic favourites – Plain, Peanut Butter, Maple, Salted Caramel, Minted!, I also choose a few new flavours – Toasted Pecan, Espresso Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry & a bar of Macaroon. I did tell you I went a little nuts!
Ochil fudge pantry fudge review

Ochil fudge pantry fudge review

Now I could rant on and on about how amazing all these flavours are but there are only so many words in my limited vocabulary so here are the edited highlights!
The Peanut Butter is my absolute favourite even tho I don’t actually like peanut butter weirdly.
Toasted Pecan being a very close second with delicious little pieces of toasted pecan very well distributed through every bite of fudge
The Macaroon was light and fluffy and the ratio of chocolate to macaroon was really well balanced.
The Espresso Chocolate has a lovely strong flavour and the little kick of chocolate gives it a really nice cappuccino flavour.
The Plain is ‘The’ perfect smooth creamy and slightly crumbly fudge
Lets be honest every flavour is a winner it’s just which you prefer.
The thing to remember when picking your flavours is that The Ochil Fudge Pantry Fairies really like their fudge to pack a punch, when they say Salted Caramel, or Mint or Maple they aren’t messing around they like to kick your butt with flavour.
From their website:-
 ‘We just make fudge, its what we do. But its good fudge, some say it’s great fudge or “the best fudge ever”.  As long as you enjoy it and keep coming back for more then you make us very happy fudgetiers.’


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