Balbirs Indian restaurant review glasgow
Up until about 2 years ago I really really didn’t like Indian food, or actually any slightly hot food in general. Then one fateful night I was talked into trying a chicken Patia curry and it’s fair to say I’ve never looked back. I used to avoid Indians like the plague but now I’ll happily suggest getting Indian take away or popping in for a meal.
When I moved into the west end one of my lovely new neighbours sent me in the direction of Balbir’s located on Church Street and I am so glad he did.
Upon entering I was quite surprised by the size of the interior, it is massive I wouldn’t be surprised if they could do 200 covers in a sitting, but doesn’t feel intimidating at all. The decor in the restaurant is quite a glamours affair with its black flocked wallpaper, black furniture and gorgeous sparkly chandeliers, it’s clearly gone down the route of trying to create a sexy little atmosphere. My only very slight niggles with the restaurant it’s self was we were right at the very back of the restaurant where it was absolutely boiling and my Mum and Dad who were with me spent the entire night looking at the back wall which they commented on was quite boring.
Balbirs Indian restaurant review glasgow
Lets talk food shall we? Balbir’s isn’t your typical Indian Menu – it’s not a standard pick your protein then pick your sauce and rice. It is much more of a restaurant menu, it’s easier to have a look at the menu to see what I mean than have me try to explain it. 🙂 It is fair to say tho it is a very enticing menu!
To start with I choose the Tandoori Salmon in my bid to at least try in some way to stick to my diet! My goodness it was seriously tasty – flaky, moist and really packed with flavour. I would highly recommend this dish to anyone and everyone. I actually wish they did this as a main course too because I would definitely order it in a bigger portion.
For my main I opted for a Chicken Tikka Chasni which is a mango chutney and tomato base sauce, it was really delicious with just a tiny kick to the sauce without being hot or tingly. The dish was quite a generous serving of tender pieces of chicken which melted in the mouth. Along with my mains I had saffron rice which was really yummy and my standard plain Paratha which I always get with an Indian meal – it was gorgeous and greasy and uber moreish. I think it was possibly made with wholemeal flour which is quite unusual but added a really nice additional layer of flavour to the bread.
Now here is my favourite thing about Balbirs – they do real authentic Indian desserts, Gulab Jamun & Kulfi being my two favourites. After such a large meal all I was fit for was a scoop of delicious fresh creamy Mango Kulfi. My Dad did order the Gulab Jamnu and it was really good – moist, tasty and incredibly sweet which wasn’t too over powering as it was served with a generous heap of creamy ice cream.
It was a super delicious meal which was served by very attentive staff who were extremely polite and helpful. An excellent restaurant which I will definitely return to.


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  • thearmstronglife
    11th July 2016 at 10:40 pm

    Great choices with the tandoori salmon and chicken tikka chasnai – two of my absolute favourites! I have been frequenting Balbirs since I was a kid at his restaurants in Ayrshire and am yet to find a more tasty Indian restaurant (in the UK, at least!). My other half is Mancunian and before having a Balbirs curry he swore that the best Indian restaurants were in Manchester. He admitted defeat pretty quickly. My top tip for your next visit – when the server asks if you would like to order from the menu or have the banquet, choose the banquet! Trust me. They also do a great delivery/carry out service. Having just moved to the west end from being out of the country for a number of years, I am delighted to have Balbirs as my local once more!

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