The Amber

The Amber Chinese Restaurant Glasgow Review
I can’t really let this blog post go by with out mentioning the events from The Clutha bar on Friday night – as someone who was sitting in a bar at 10.25 on Friday night having a quite drink just a mile away from the Clutha I was really shocked and quite distressed by the events that took place in my much beloved adopted home town. I have found the bravery, dignity and support shown by both the emergency services & the people of Glasgow a true testament to the kindness and goodness of Human nature – I am equally heartbroken and proud of our big village.
So on Saturday night I was quite subdued but looking forward to a meal out with my family. The Amber is absolutely one of my favourite take away restaurants, since moving to the west end I have regularly ordered from here and never been disappointed. So it was with much excitement last week that I decided to go into the restaurant last Saturday night to sit in an eat.
The Amber Chinese Restaurant Glasgow Review
The Amber is located on super cool Byres Road, being surrounds by what can only be described as a plethora of restaurants in various cuisines from around the world restaurants have to be really good to stand out in this area. As far as take away is concerned The Amber definitely had the potential to stand out in the crowd.
The interior of the restaurant is modern, clean and fairly unremarkable, it is mostly decorated in neutral earthy tones with hints of dark wood.  It was comfortable and not at all over crowded or noisy.
So here is where is starts to go seriously down hill and resulted in me nearly walking out before I had even sat down – without going into major detail the manageress (or at least that is who I presumed she was because she was the only one dressed in an orange waistcoat) made an incredibly insulting remark to my Dad on our way to our table. Now I believe the comment was made in jest however it was hurtful and actually shocking to greet a new customer in this way to your restaurant. I wanted to leave at this point but my Dad decided he was hungry and just wanted to get something to eat.
So as you can imagine it was not a great start to my evening meal – it is worth mentioning that the other members of staff were fine, not particularly friendly but at least they weren’t insulting.
  The menu was pretty much what you would expect from a Chinese restaurant with all the usual favourites making an appearance.  For my starter I choose the duck spring rolls which arrived pretty quickly along with a basket of prawn crackers. Now in case you didn’t know I have a thing for prawn crackers and managed to munch my way through a good 60% of the bowl myself. When they arrived the 4 spring rolls were small but were very tasty, the filo was golden and crunchy, inside there were plenty of chunks of delicious duck and crisp spring vegetables.
For my main course I ordered the chicken breast chow mein and a side order of salt and chilli chips, I always order a side of salt and chilli chips with my take away so I was curious to see if they were better when served fresh.  The food arrived in mammoth portions and tasted absolutely delicious, the chow mein had lots of chicken strips and wasn’t overly greasy. The chips which are served topped with fried onions and small slithers of chilli were even better when eaten fresh in the restaurant, they were SO moreish.
We decided not to look at the dessert menu and instead popped next door to Peckhams and buy a tasty cake to eat at home. When the bill arrived my Dad very kindly paid it and I thought no more about it until I got home and my Dad mentioned how much it had cost. The bill came to £116 – now this isn’t that expensive for 4 people on a Saturday night, however I am sure it can’t be right because my Mum and Dad both ordered from the Evening Special menu which was £14.95 for 2 courses. Which would mean that for 2 started, 2 main meals, 2 sides & 5 drinks (which only 2 were pints of lager) the cost was £86…..really?? By the point it was too late to do anything about it.
I am sure that despite both my Mum and Dad pointing out to the waitress who took our order – which incidentally was also the woman who insulted my Dad they have both been charged full price for their dishes rather than the special deal price.
These two huge giant niggles means it almost doesn’t matter that the food was delicious because the over all experience was really pretty bad. If it was on food alone The Amber would easily be a 7/8 star review but taking these 2 big issues into account I have awards The Amber 5 stars which is purely for the food.
I feel so disappointed about this because I genuinely love the food here and will definitely continue to get take away from here but probably wouldn’t use the restaurant again.