Champagne Central – Afternoon Tea

How I do adore a luscious afternoon tea with some lovely company, and last week I had the pleasure of taking tea with an old family friend. I only see my good friend Avril occasionally as she is quite the international jet setter, but when we do get together it’s safe to say there isn’t a pause between breaths and this meeting was no different.

Grand Central Hotel

We decided to set up camp in the wonderfully glamorous Champagne Bar in Central station. The vibe here is one of old school vintage glamour, walking under the giant round crystal chandelier housed in its gold domed home you get the feeling that no expense has been spared to restore this hotel back to its former glory. We were seated in the lounge area which is stuffed full of chic velvet sofas and feature chairs (I do love a feature chair!), elegant black and gold wallpaper and low slung tables. It’s over the top but in a stylishly fabulous way.

Champagne Central -  decor

This is an incredibly popular bar, I have been in here a few times now and even on a weekday afternoon you are lucky to get a table in the lounge if you haven’t reserved it.

Champagne Central -  light

The staff….oh god the staff! I want to be kind because in truth they did seem lovely girls, just  a bit forgetful and unsure what the other was doing. First off we had to wait 15 minutes to place even a drinks order. However, the girl did go out of her way to make sure that I had skimmed milk for my latte. Next problem, we were asked 3 times if we wanted to order – despite already ordering, it then came to light that our food order hadn’t been placed with the kitchen. Once the order was in it did come fairly quickly tho. Then there was a wee bit of a mix up with the bill, nothing major just the waitress didn’t realise that despite asking for it, that we were actually waiting on it. Like I said the waitresses were lovely…just a little confused!

Champagne Central -  afternoon tea

The afternoon tea was scrumptious when it arrived 3 huge plates stuffed with delicious sandwiches, made in-house warm scones and tempting little cakes.

Champagne Central -  Sandwich selection

The sandwiches were fairly basic but lovely – egg mayonnaise, smoked salmon and cucumber, cheese and pickle and a roast beef and horseradish mayonnaise. My favourite was probably the cheese and pickle which was really flavoursome and my least favourite was the roast beef as it tasted quite plastic – the way some pre-sliced roast beef can. Champagne Central -  scones

The scones were utterly delicious, there was a selection of plane and fruit which were served warm, with little individual pots of jam and raspberry flavoured cream which was so tasty. I couldn’t fault these at all.

Champagne Central -  cakes

The mini cakes were delicious little bite sized squares of various sponges. Stand out favourites were the chocolate (naturally) and the Victoria sponge. I would presume in a hotel of this size that these were made fresh in-house, they certainly tasted like they were. Whoever made these needs a pay rise because they were so good.

All in all a lovely afternoon gossiping and catching up over some delicious cakes and coffee. definitely a decadent treat worth indulging in – just remember to book in advance.

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