Here is another interesting little fact about me that you might not know – I am slightly obsessed with the Titanic (the actual event, not the movie) I don’t know if it is the greek style tragedy of the events which occurred or the sheer epic glamour of being wealthy in that period that appeals to me. There is something so utterly chic about dressing for dinner, going for chaperoned strolls in the park and taking tea in the afternoon which really floats my boat…pun intended!

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When I first started to see pictures popping up on social media of the Hutcheson on Ingram Street I nearly passed out with glee. The interior is something incredibly special which I describe to people as like being on board the Titanic.  I couldn’t wait to pay my first visit and although I have been here before for breakfast and a light lunch (which were both AH-MAZING) I wanted to wait until I could visit for dinner before I wrote up a review. Thankfully last weekend I got the opportunity with my good buddy Glasgow Dragonfly. The wine and chat were flowing and I had a brilliant night.

2014-09-20 20.38.20

I have eaten in some extremely beautiful and elegant places over the years and the Hutcheson is right up there among the best. James Rusk (who also owns the Butchershop) took 2 years (and a rumored cool £1mil) in transforming this beautiful neglected building and boy it shows. He has created a truly stunning space. There are too many gorgeous feature to point out – original fireplaces, breathtaking ceilings and original stain glass windows galore. To me this is the visually spectacular.

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It does however have to be mentioned that the tables are really packed in (or maybe people just had their seats really far from their tables?) and as we were located in the far back corner we had to squeeze round tables and chairs which I totally hate….a small niggle but worth mentioning I feel. I know quite a few people that like clear paths to and from their table to bathrooms, doors etc.

2014-09-20 20.34.45

The staff were lovely and very friendly although at times the service was a little slow. We waited quite a while for our drinks order to be taken, however the drinks were delivered pretty fast. We also had to wait quite a while for the bill. These are really minor small niggly things which I don’t think  normally would be a huge deal, but prices here are pretty expensive so I feel that everything has to be looked at a little closer as you’re paying a premium.

2014-09-20 20.54.11

Menu wise….it’s a total cracker!! I struggled to make any kind of decision on what I was going to pick, everything looked so gorgeously tempting. We decided to order a glass of Bollinger (which they serve by the glass – nice) as we perused the menu. In the end I opted to try the Highland Game Terrine, wrapped in bacon with plum and apple chutney and brioche. When it arrived it looked almost as delicious as it tasted. The terrine was packed full of big tender chunks of game, the chutney had just the right amount of bite and the brioche was light toasted. A fab start to the meal.

2014-09-20 21.10.55

For my main I eventually settled on the Sirlon Steak with hand cut chips and mixed herb butter, I also added seared king scallops. WOW! The steak was like butter, it was soft, juicy and cooked to perfection. The scallops were large and plump, the chips were big and crispy and the mixed herb butter which was made in-house really added something. The dish was incredible and I would highly recommend it.

2014-09-20 21.54.40

As I mentioned I have visited the Hutcheson before for lunch and on that occasion I had the tarte fine aux pommes. I already knew before I walked into the restaurant that I was going to order it again because it was incredibly light and tasty on my first try. The Tarte consists of delicate thin slices of apple baked over a crisp light buttery pastry, this comes served with a Cinnamon Ice Cream – perfect, perfect, PERFECT!

2014-09-20 22.58.33

My meal was completely faultless and well worth the 10 stars, couple of minor niggle but it pains me not to give it a 10 because the food really is outstanding.  100% well worth a visit I can not wait to go back.