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The very first night I spent in my west end pad I had a take away from Chillies on Woodlands Road and absolutely loved it. I have been back numerous times in the last 18 months and always enjoy the food I get from there and thought it was about time I gave them a little shout out on the blog.
Firstly the bad news, Chillies only delivered on a Friday and Saturday night so if it’s mid-week you have to pop in to pick it up, which is fine with me as it is within walking distance but worth mentioning. Now that the bad news is out the way we can focus on the good stuff…their delicious food.
Last week I placed an order for collection and was told it would be ready in 10 minutes. 10 minutes later found me leaving the shop with the food in my hands. Nothing annoys me more with take away places than being told my order will be ready for collection and it’s not, so I love that Chillies are always really spot on with their timings.
2014-10-08 17.52.29
I have tried a few things from the menu here in the past year, a few of my favourites include the Patia, The half roast chicken, a chasni…the list goes on and I have never ordered something I didn’t enjoy. On my visit to the Chillies last week I ordered probably my favourite dish from them the Chicken Tikka Nan Kebab.
2014-10-08 17.52.33
The doughy big fluffy nan was stuffed with heaps of huge juicy chunky pieces of chicken breast, marinated in lovely spices and cooked to perfection. I love this dish and would recommend it to anyone. With the nan you are offered sauce and salad,  I always refuse as I never end up eating it but the option is there if you wanted it. With my dish I also ordered a side of chips, they were frozen chips but I still thought they were pretty nice and I enjoyed them.
2014-10-08 17.52.22
A great local take away that is very reasonably priced and great value for money. I will definitely get round to popping in to do a full review here soon.

Glasgow Food Geek Take Away Score Card

Delivery Time – Collection 10 minutes

Traveled – Excellent

Menu Choice – Excellent

Cost – Excellent Value – ££

Order Again – Definitely

Overall – Excellent

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  • fieheath
    22nd October 2014 at 6:45 pm

    Just moved into Glasgow Harbour Terraces, so definitely need to find my local takeouts! xx

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