By now I am sure you all know how I feel about brunch…tis love! There is nothing not to love about this special time of the day…it’s late enough that you can have a long lie, it comes with coffee and hot chocolate, there is juice, breakfast foods and baked goods in the form of pancakes and waffles. Like I said what’s not to like?

Due to all this my favourite Yelp event every month is always the Brunch Club, which is why I found myself in Hyde last saturday munching on some top-notch breakfast foods with some of my favourite kids in the city.

Hyde Yelp Glasgow Brunch Club

Hyde is hidden a little bit right at the bottom of Byres Road on Partick Bridge Street, I really loved the interior – there are huge windows which let light flood into the restaurant, an absolutley beautiful copper bar which is stunning and on trend exposed brick walls. Seating wise there are lots of cosy looking large booths and big comfy seat. Oh and lets not forget the large vodka tree at the bar!! The vibe on Saturday morning was chilled, relaxed and very west end.

Hyde Yelp Glasgow Brunch Club

The staff were great and  surprisingly well organised considering that 25 people were in at once for brunch. They were friendly and attentive. I have to admit that I did fall  in love with them a little bit, because Leo (my puppy) was at his first brunch club and they brought him out some gravy bones to munch on so he wasn’t left out. Excellent service, I was pretty impressed….even if I did get my plate of food second from last. 🙂

Hyde Brunch Menu, Glasgow Food Geek

The menu for me was prefect for brunching – full breakfasts, butties, pancakes and lots of egg options, but for my money at brunch it always has to be the french toast. Hyde are super cleaver though, they list out all the things you can add to your dish, think potato scone, hash brown, black pudding, mushrooms, beans, toast…..those cheeky wee scamps testing my will power even further! Needless to say my will power and I are not BFF’s 🙂

Hyde Glasgow Dog Friendly Brunch

In the end my order was extensive and complicated, naturally! I had French toast with bacon, maple syrup on the side, black pudding, potato scone and hash brown. I like to think of this epic order as the breakfast of champions! I had this accompanied with a delicious creamy hot chocolate and an apple juice.

Hyde Glasgow Yelp Brunch Club

Like I said there was 25 of us so the food quite understandably was not fast and I am no way going to hold this against them. When my food arrived it was piping hot and looked amazing, my plate was heaving with carbs and tastiness. It was topped with a little greenery which at brunch seemed kind of odd and was immediately dispatched so I could dive in. The french toast was light and fluffy, the bacon was deliciously charred, the black pudding was soft and delicious, the hash brown and potato scone were just standard store-bought items but there were cooked well and tasted really good. The only down side was that the maple syrup wasn’t great…this didn’t bug me that much but worth mentioning as if I was just having the french toast with syrup I would be disappointed. However I didn’t and  thought it was a really really great brekkie!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset Hyde Glasgow Yelp Brunch Club

As you can imagine I couldn’t take a picture of the receipt since it was giant but I worked out that my plate of food came to £7.25 (including Mr G’s pancakes I paid £24 inc drinks and tip) which I was perfectly happy with and thought was excellent value for money.

Hyde Brunch Yelp club

All in all a brilliant morning hanging out with the Glasgow Yelp Crew over some delicious food, I will definitely visit again soon to try some more of there lovely looking menu.


Hyde Score Card

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