I always have a great time whenever I go to a Yelp event, mainly because I get to hangout with the coolest kids in the city AND eat some tasty food at the same time. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out that this month’s Yelp event was to be at one of my favourite restaurants – Cubatas Tapas restaurant.


On the night, Mr G and I had an awesome time sampling some of the new dishes on offer from Cubatas and chillin’ with the freakishly awesome Yelpers.

It was so good, in fact, that before I left  the event, I booked a table for dinner this past weekend when Ma & Pa Geek were visiting.

Seeing as it has been over a year since my original Cubatas review, the launch of their new menu seemed like the perfect excuse to do another one!

The vibe in Cubatas is really warm and welcoming, and so my feelings on ambiance from my original review haven’t changed too much. I still love the big rustic wooden bar that greets you as you walk in the front door and the lovely exposed brick walls. The tables are large enough to comfortably eat tapas style, as there is nothing worse than trying to squash lots of dishes on to a too small table, and the seats are super comfortable for grazing in.

Cubatas interior

I know Nacho and the staff at Cubatas quite well now because I eat here at least once a month. They are always so lovely and attentive. They always greet people like friends when they arrive and nothing is ever too much trouble. I would say they are amongst the best team in the city, and certainly one of my favourites.

Now on to talking about the new menu.

Menu Cubatas April 2015

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The menu itself is much more condensed than their last offering, which is no bad thing I think. It still has a generous selection of assorted dishes to choose from – just slightly refined down to their best sellers plus some brand new dishes to tempt in any true tapas fan.

As per every trip to Cubatas, I ordered way too much….it’s really so hard not to when everything sounds so tempting.

Patats Bravas Cubatas April 2015

Pellea Cubatas April 2015

This time, I ordered some of my old favourites including the classic dish, Patatas Bravas. In Cubatas, this dish is always amazing. It is not served smothered in sauce, which is a tick in my book. Instead, they are crispy crunchy deep-fried potatoes lightly seasoned with sauce served on the side. The Paella De Pollo is another favourite and always cooked well. We ordered a small portion which is always more than enough for 2.

Chorizo Cubatas April 2015

Lastly we ordered the Torpedos De Chorizo, which is my favourite dish. It is basically a Spanish style sausage roll (a lush greasy chorizo snuggled in a blanket of puff pastry). This dish is Ah-Mazing and well worth ordering a portion, okay! okay! I normally order 2 portions!

Breaking with tradition, I also ordered a few dishes from the new selection available.

Fried Cheese Cubatas April 2015

Firstly, I tried the Queso Frito, which is fried cheese served with a berry marmalade. This dish is so more-ish, the cheese (halloumi I think) is very slightly melted and coated in a lovely light batter. The marmalade just cuts through nicely and adds a little tartness and colour to the dish.

I also adored the Crepes De Mar which are described as crepes with seafood and cream. These crepes are light and delicate, complimented brilliantly by the cream sauce and packed full of tasty chunks of fish.

Chicken and Ham Cubatas April 2015

The last dish I want to mention is the Croquetas De Jamon y Pollo, which, put simply, are chicken and ham croquettes. These little stuffed nuggets of joy are just as good as they sound – the coating is crunchy and inside is a fluffy buttery mashed potato full of ham and chicken…a wonderful new addition to the Cubatas menu.

Dessert Cubatas April 2015

Bill Cubatas April 2015

For 3 of us, including a sharing platter dessert the bill came to a very reasonable £81.25

Whilst we tried a few other dishes, these were my stand outs, and each one is worth trying.

cubatas score card