Ka Ka Lok

I always have the best time whenever I get to hang out with the Yelp Glasgow Crew.

I usually end up laughing so hard I have a sore stomach the next day…granted there is usually a fair amount of alcohol consumed – but even without the alcohol, I always feel lucky to call these awesome people my friends.

Squad - KaKaLok July 2015

A few weeks ago was the latest instalment of Dumpling Day. In our quest to find the best dumpling in the city we hit the small and well hidden KaKaLok on St Georges Road.

Since KaKaLok opened, I have been hearing incredible things about their food. Granted it’s perhaps not the most appealing place from the outside and inside isn’t really that much to write home about – the food,however, is INCREDIBLE!

The best way to describe the decor at KaKalok is cheap and cheerful. The furniture is pretty basic, simple and clean but i’d be lying if I said anything really jumped out at me decor wise.

The staff were okayish….we had to call them over to order drinks, then again to order food. They weren’t rude but they weren’t friendly either.

2015-07-11 18.33.05
Menu - KaKaLok July 2015

The menu is MASSIVE. You are presented with 2 menus when you arrive and English and a Chinese…..the English one is packed with all the usual dishes you would expect to find on a ‘British’ Chinese menu. The Chinese menu is full of dishes which are a little more adventurous (aka authentic).

kakalok dumplings

Given that we were there for Dumpling Day, we started with a round of delicious pan-fried dumplings which were perfect. They were crammed full of tasty filling and the outside was every so slightly crunchy.

Squid - KaKaLok July 2015
Ribs - KaKaLok July 2015

Along with our dumplings, I also tried some Salt & Chilli Squid and Salt & Chilli Spare Ribs. Both of these dishes were incredibly moreish. if I had to pick one though, it would probably be the squid, which had a light crispy coating and was just spicy enough for my taste.

For my mains, I shared my dishes again with my buddies Trudie and Austen and so I got to try loads.  Here goes:

Duck Ho Fan & Chicken  - KaKaLok July 2015

Chicken with Ginger and Spring onion – this was my least favourite dish, I found it sort of boring and with no real taste to it. I think that was because the other 3 dishes were so incredibly flavoursome that I felt this one was lacking.

Duck Ho Fan was my favourite dish – the duck was gorgeous and tasted like a little aromatic piece of heaven. The portion of noodles was huge and super tasty.

Char Sui & Duck - KaKaLok July 2015CharSui and Fried Rice – The Char Sui was beautiful, it was so flavoursome and I couldn’t get enough of this. The fried rice was…well it was fried rice, but it tasted good.

Dishes - KaKaLok July 2015

Double Cooked Pork – This was probably my third favourite dish. It was tasty but quite fatty. I know this is to be expected with double cooked pork but I don’t really like it that much. I did enjoy the dish but I didn’t eat loads of it the way I did with the Duck and Char Sui.

Salt and chilli chips - KaKaLok July 2015

Lastly, we also ordered a portion of battered Salt and Chilli Chips which were exactly as good as they sound and were easily one of my favourite dishes…in all honesty I so did not want to share these, I did – but grudgingly 😛

Whilst it may not hit all the boxes when it comes to decor and staff it more than exceeded my expectation when it came to food and price (I only paid £20 for my share of our meal). This is a spot that I will 100% definitely be back to soon. I had a beautiful meal which beautiful people – what’s not to love?!?

KaKaLok Score Card