Asian Gourmet

Last weekend, Mr G & I had a few friends up to the Penthouse for our first official Beer Day!

Do I like beer??

No, not really but my buddies seem determined to get me ‘into’ beer. We sampled about 15 different beers that we purchased from Hippo Beer and Drygate…of the 15 I did find a few that I thought were okay and a few that nearly made me boke. On the whole though, it was a pretty successful (drunken) afternoon.What do we all need when we have had a drunken afternoon???

Chinese food!

So the 5 of us decided to march along the road to Asian Gourmet on West Princes Street.

Outside - Asian Gourmet July 2015

I must have passed Asian Gourmet about 100 times in the last few years and have never really had the compulsion to go in. It’s in the basement and you have to dodge past bins to get to their door.

When we visited on Saturday night I was every so slightly scared, not knowing what we would find, but cheered on by my friend Austen’s cheeky – you go where no other food blogger is prepared to go! I marched down the stairs and straight into the restaurant.

Decor - Asian Gourmet July 2015

I would be lying if I said the inside was anything other than functional…. there were grey tiled walls, a few tables with red paper tablecloths and a few paper Chinese lanterns strung up on the roof. It was clean and not especially scary.

The staff were pleasant enough, although because of the way the restaurant is set up the staff couldn’t see our table and so we had to work kind of hard to get their attention to order food and drinks. It is worth mentioning that earlier in the day we tried to book a table but the person that answered the phone couldn’t speak English and hung up on us.

Here is where Asian Gourmet comes into it’s own…. amazing food.

Menu 2 - Asian Gourmet July 2015
Menu - Asian Gourmet July 2015

The menu is pretty extensive with a large section of more traditional Asian meals including Fish Head Pot, Duck Tongue and Stir Fried Pork Kidney?!?!? However, please don’t let this put you off because they also have an incredible selection of western friendly dishes available for the less adventurous.

Feast - Asian Gourmet July 2015

We ordered a whole host of dishes to share including – Salt & Chilli Squid, Kung Po Chicken, Twice Cooked Chinese Pork, Dumplings and some fish/aubergine dish that I never even touched. We also ordered a couple of potions of chips and some rice.

Salt and chilli squid - Asian Gourmet July 2015

For me the stand out was definitely the Squid, which was so good we ordered a second portion. The coating was light and crispy and the squid was tender and salty. A cracking dish!

Double Cooked Pork - Asian Gourmet July 2015

The pork would come a very close second, it was incredibly aromatic and the dish was heaving with lots of meat.

Chicken - Asian Gourmet July 2015

The Chicken was okay; again there was heaps and heaps of meat in this dish. However, it was maybe just slightly on the rubbery side – but perfectly edible and I would happily order and eat it again.

I can’t even give you an opinion on the aubergine dish because I just didn’t like the look of it – it was super oily and didn’t look like my kind of thing at all, so I gave it a miss.

Bill - Asian Gourmet July 2015

The entire bill came to a ridiculously cheap £72.90, which included chilli bean sprouts (which were amazing) and green tea on arrival, 7 main dishes, 5 drinks and complimentary orange and sweets with the bill.

None of us could quite wrap our heads around how cheap it was.

This is a cracking hidden little gem of a restaurant – please don’t be put off by its appearance – the food was absolutely beautiful and the price was amazing.

I will definitely be back here again, and if I want a Chinese take away from now on I will be ordering from Asian Gourmet for sure.

Asian Gourmet Score Card