Butchershop – Sunday Roast Club

The weekend holds two of the highlights of my week.

Brunch – because…..well duh!….who doesn’t love brunch?

It is also home to one of my favourite meals of the week – Sunday lunch.

I love a good Sunday dinner – The beef…the gravy….the roasties….oh god the yorkies! What’s not to love about all this deliciousness on one plate?

I have decided that I really don’t pay this beloved meal enough attention on the blog so I am on a quest to find – The Greatest Roast in Glasgow.

I know, I know I am too good to you guys 🙂

My roast adventures started a few weeks ago when I headed along to the Butchershop with a bunch of wicked awesome yelpers for a spot of lunch.

Butchershop Glasgow

I have already done a review of the Butchershop so if you want to read a full review check it out here because I am only going to be talking about the Sunday menu on this post.

The Butchershop is a mecca for Glasgow meat lovers and has a menu that is  heaving with meat options, this only increases with their additional  Sunday Menu which offered a variety of roast options.Butchershop Glasgow

What caught my eye on the menu was the Roast for Two, described as – 35 Day Dry Aged Tafelspitz (carved table side) served with all the trimmings for £35. SOLD! MrG did not take much convincing to share this with me and it was duly ordered along with a side of mac and cheese.

Butchershop Glasgow

The plates came to the table already full of the trimmings…roasted potatoes, veg, corn on the cob and a large yorkie. This is when MrG and I begun our bartering…I wanted his parsnips and he wanted some of my potatoes. In the end I got half his parsnips and some green beans for 2 large roasties and a carrot. I was happy enough with my final settlement and couldn’t wait for the beef to arrive.

Butchershop Glasgow

When the beef arrives at the table it is a bit of a oooooooh moment…it smelt divine and then you get a little bit of theater as you watch the waiter carve your gorgeous big slab of meat. It’s a very nice touch and makes it feel a little bit special.

Butchershop Glasgow

We ordered ours to be cooked medium/rare and it was served perfectly pink.

Butchershop Glasgow

Butchershop Glasgow

Everything was utterly gorgeous…the meat was tender, moist and melt in the mouth, the potatoes were crunchy and moreish, the veg was beautifully seasoned and still held a little bite to it, the yorkie was light and slightly greasy and the gravy was thick and lush.

All in all an outstanding roast!

Butchershop Glasgow

After all that there was no way I could have eaten a dessert so I settled into a little contented meat coma and drank a creamy latte before heading home for a sunday afternoon snooze in front of the football.

Perfect Sunday!

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