My 40 before 40 list

Today I’ve got something a little bit different rather than just my regular Sunday week in pictures post.

I’ve been toying with the idea of adding this new feature to the blog now for a couple of years, and I could never find the right moment…..well I have decided this is it!

Why is it the right moment you ask?

Well, I’ve had a tough couple of weeks, a really difficult couple of weeks in fact.  A very dear family friend pass away last week at only the age of 42….I mean 42!!!!! How? Seriously, how does that happen? If the truth be told I’m still struggling a wee bit to grasp how it’s happened, and definitely a little in shock still nearly two weeks later.

It has left me not only incredibly sad and upset but also feeling a bit hollow inside, and with a renewed sense of awe at how fragile and fleeting life can be.

Which leads me into the feature that I have toying with for quite some time – I’m introducing a 40 before 40 list.  I want to stop putting the little things I want to learn and do off until a better time…because guess what, there is very rarely a ‘better time’.

So the list! Originally when I had planned to do this list I wanted to make it all food related to tie in with GFG, but now I’ve decided I don’t want to limit it. Granted a lot of my list is food related (obvs!), but there are a few other things that I wanted to add just because I had been meaning to do them for ages. So I hope on occasion you will allow me a little deviation from my very food based blog to randomly post about something else??  😛

My 40 before 40 list  is 100% achievable, I’ve not gone mental – no trips of a lifetime, or swimming with sharks, or insane expensive goals. In fact, because I wanted to create a list full of little goals that I have been meaning to do for ages, I think quite a lot of my list can be done at home.

So you wanna take a little peek at my 40 before 40 list?
Here goes…….

  1. Learn to like whisky
  2. Make pasta from scratch
  3. Have a grown up dinner party with a private chef
  4. Cook every recipe in a cookbook – still to be chosen
  5. Eat at a Chef’s Table
  6. Do a cooking class
  7. Make a pizza from scratch
  8. Create the perfect Mac & Cheese recipe
  9. Eat at The Kitchen
  10. Stay at the Balmoral and eat at Number One
  11. Make Churros
  12. Make Bagels
  13. Make Ice Cream
  14. Make the best fried chicken
  15. Complete my hot 100 list….and another 100 list
  16. Stay at Gleneagles and eat at Andrew Fairlies
  17. Afternoon tea at Cromlix house
  18. Learn how to make my Dad’s tablet recipe
  19. Learn to knit
  20. Read 250 books
  21. Watch every best picture Oscar winner (except scary ones)
  22. Buy a Louis Vuitton bag – it was the first designer bag I ever wanted age 15 and I still don’t own one.
  23. Try a new sport or workout
  24. Donate blood – why have I never done this before?
  25. Commit to staying off social media for 1 weekend a month
  26. Plan a kick ass 40th Birthday Party
  27. Go to the Ballet
  28. Do a yoga class
  29. Start a Christmas eve tradition
  30. Do something that I am scared of
  31. Visit Edinburgh Castle – Shocking that I have never been
  32. Do a barista course to learn how to make the perfect latte
  33. Lose weight ( I know! I know! snooze!)
  34. Use the Personal Shopper service in Frasers to update my wardrobe
  35. Learn how to play poker
  36. Do something for charity
  37. Do my family tree
  38. Go to an awards ceremony
  39. Master making at least 1 classic cocktail
  40. Have my picture taken with George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan from Masterchef Australia – it’s good to have at least 1 unrealistic goal.

From today the 23rd October 2016 I have  42 months / 184 weeks / 1288 days or 30936 hours to complete my 40 before 40 list,  I think it’s easily achievable and I hope lots of fun.