Porter & Rye

If you read my recent 4th blogaversary post you will have read all about my new vanity project. Yes, yes, I am aware that all blogs are surely in some way vanity projects….so I guess this is a vanity project within a vanity project. That is some serious inception mind-twisting right there!

Anyway, my new vanity project – while I was prepping the blog for its recent makeover, I found old blog posts a little cringey. Both the images and how they were written really grated on me.

And what with everyday being a school day after all, I feel that (hopefully) both my writing and photography has gotten better over the years. So my new project is to go back to do rewrites and take better photographs from places I have already reviewed. The review star rating won’t necessarily change but it will be written with fresh eyes and brought up to date.

Now my friends think this is just so I have an excuse to go eat out lots more, and frankly they would be right. But it’s also in an effort to make the blog the best it can be and to always keep striving to be better.

And so we’re kicking off with another visit to sensational steak restaurant Porter & Rye….a personal favourite.

Located in Finnieston, Porter & Rye screams west end cool. It’s casual and understated in the most stylish way – I like to describe the vibe as Industrial chic! It’s super on trend with it’s exposed brick walls, distressed wood, vintage stools, and metal pillars and stairs. It’s pretty small but they have definitely made the most of the space that they have, and rather than it feeling claustrophobic is feels cosy and snug. It’s one of those restaurants that just make you feel cooler and more hip by being there.

The staff were chatty, friendly and welcoming, and the service was fast. Our waiter was really helpful when I was asking for starter recommendations, and also reminded me to order a sauce for my steak which was good.

Right, vibe and staff covered – let’s chat food!

For what it’s worth I think that Porter & Rye are the best steaks in the city, don’t get me wrong there are lots of absolutely excellent steaks to be found in Glasgow, which I would be more than delighted to eat, but I always find the steaks here just edge out as my favourite.

Since I would naturally be going all out steak for my main, I decided to order fish as a starter. Based on the waiter’s recommendation I went for the Braised Barra Monkfish Cheeks, razor clam, spelt, broad bean and dill beurre blanc ( or white butter sauce to us mere mortals)

It arrived in good time and smelt like a dream, the monkfish cheeks were big plump pieces of flaky fish, which had been cook beautifully and virtually melted in my mouth. The spelt and broad bean salad was delish – the spelt especially I really enjoyed, it brought texture and a slightly nutty flavour to the dish which I always like. The dill beurre blanc was light and creamy and added a gorgeous rich buttery taste to the plate and tied the whole thing together.

For my main I decided to order the Onglet, which isn’t my usual steak of choice. I would normally go for a sirloin or talk MrG into splitting a porterhouse with me, but I thought I would give this a bash since it was only £16, including a side and a sauce which seemed like a great deal. So I went for the Onglet, medium rare, with a portion of truffle salt fries, a port & blue cheese sauce, and a side of bone marrow mac & cheese.

I have to tell you for only £16 the Onglet was fabulous – charred and smoky on the outside and perfectly pink and juicy inside. I always love the flavour profile of the steaks at Porter, I don’t know what they do to them but they always seem to be extra smoky in flavour which I LOVE!

The sauce was glossy and rich with a salty sharp hit of blue cheese goodness. It was so good in fact that I used my knife to scrape out every last drop of sauce for me to devour.

I have to be honest tho, while the fries were good and had a nice strong truffle flavour, the portion size was a bit on the small side. Not that it was that big a deal because the steak was so large I didn’t even finish the portion of chips that I got, but I thought it was worth mentioning because I did notice when the dish arrived that the portion was a tiny bit stingy

The bone marrow mac & cheese was bloody brilliant, the mac sauce was thick and a wee bit sticky, which all good cheese sauces should be. It didn’t have too much sauce – which again I liked, I hate too much soppy wet cheese sauce (BOAK!) It has a lush hint of meaty flavour and little nuggets of (I think) smoky bacon throughout the pasta, which was like a little treat every time I scooped one up on my fork. I was a BIG fan of this mac!

Price wise it was staggeringly great value for money – I have paid double the cost in other places for a massively inferior steak. In total for two of us, plus a couple of boozy drinks we were £81.65 (£18.70 of which was drinks). Clearly it’s not cheap, but when you go out for a couple of brilliant steaks it’s never going to be that cheap is it? Of course you will be able to find cheaper steaks but I doubt they will taste anywhere near as incredible as this £16 steak did!

As you can tell I love Porter & Rye, this is somewhere I visit reasonable often – the menu is small but perfectly formed and the quality of the dishes being produced is exceptional. It’s a firm favourite of mine and I can’t see that changing anytime soon!  


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