I feel like I have hardly been on any lunch dates in the last few months, which is most unlike me.

Normally my week is packed with at least a couple of brunch/lunches with friends, but of late I have been seriously lacking. However my favourite season is nearly upon us which means I can wear all kinds of hats, scarves and boots on my food dates…and if that isn’t a good reason to be pounding the streets of the city I don’t know what is.

So when my buddy Roz asked if I fancied a little Monday lunch date, I immediately agreed and suggested we check out newly opened Chaiwallah on Gibson Street, since I have been meaning to pop in since it opened a few months ago.

Chaiwallah Aug 2017

OutsideChaiwallah Aug 2017

Located in the old toilets at the edge of Kelvingrove Park (no, i’m not joking) it is a little instagrammy pocket of gorgeousness. With its lovely big window which was thrown wide open, pretty mismatched wooden chairs and pretty tweed cushions, original tiles which were distressed in the coolest way and really really lovely industrial style lights, I absolutely love the decor here!! It’s super interesting and has been done really well.

CounterChaiwallah Aug 2017
Interior Chaiwallah Aug 2017

Staff wise, they were really friendly and welcoming. They were helpful when suggesting lunch options, and food and drinks came out fast. Not much more I can offer other than they were extremely nice.

Menu wise it is a small but lovely offering – there was a few sandwiches, a quiche of the day, a salad pasta, lasagna, a gourmet grilled cheese, and soup – all of which are made in house and change daily. It’s a small menu but some perfectly nice light lunch options for such a small space.

Table Chaiwallah Aug 2017

I was most definitely ordering a gourmet grilled cheese obviously! When I asked about them the waitress offered to add all kinds of additional topping which all sounded tempting, and eventually I settled on grilled cheese with caramelized onion. I also ordered a red pepper soup to go with it – a firm favourite when I was younger….a toastie and soup, pure lush!

Toastie Chaiwallah Aug 2017

Sometimes it’s the most simple food which is the most delicious and comforting, and this little slice of my childhood certainly hit the spot. The grilled cheese was buttery and gorgeously greasy without being overly oily. The cheddar and goat cheese were a mess of melty gooey goodness. I especially enjoyed the addition of the goat cheese was a nice touch, it added just a hint of salt and tang which married beautifully with the slippery sweet caramelised onion. It was bloody brilliant.

LunchChaiwallah Aug 2017

The soup after a few sips I realised wasn’t red pepper but in fact lentil – I am sure if I had said something the waitress would have changed it straight away.  But to be honest I thought the lentil was super tasty so I kept schtum and happily polished off the filling and flavourful lentil.

It was our intention to stay for coffee and cakes but neither of us found any of the three cakes on offer particularly appealing – on offer was a two really heavy looking banana breads and a fairly dry looking cookie so we decided not to ruin what was a rather lovely lunch with a bad cake.

I can’t comment on the price I am afraid because Rozzy settled up the bill for lunch and I treated us to coffee and cake across the road at Eusebis for dessert. I think if I remember correctly the soup was £3.95 including bread, and the grilled cheese was £5.95….but I could be totally making those figures up.

Apart from the wee bit disappointing looking cakes I really enjoyed my first trip to Chaiwallah – the coffee was excellent and they have an interesting little lunch menu, I am sure they are going to do well in that location because it is such a funky little spot.

Not only will I 100% definitely visit again, but I am doing so right now –  as I write this review while enjoying a coffee in Chiawallah, a new favourite for sure!

Coffee Chaiwallah Aug 2017

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